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Sixty-Seven Weddings And Nine Funerals

Nate registers a pained look on his face, prompting Brenda to ask, "What's wrong?" Red flag! Red flag! I mean, Christ, Brenda, I know you two haven't been together in a while, but it's not like you've never met the guy. You know better than anyone that asking Nate "What's wrong?" is like asking a deaf man, "What can't you hear?" What? I said, "What can't you hear?" What? I SAID...oh, I see what's going on here.

If plot development were made of pennies we'd all be shitting copper when Nate tells Brenda in reply, "I just do not want to go to fuckin' Idaho." I typically feel the same, so not going to Idaho is usually exactly what I do. Potato-hating sucker. "I'd be fine if it was [sic] just the dedication of Lisa's ashes," he continues as no one but the camera crew and the twin keep an eye on Nate's child. "But I don't want to be with the Kimmels." In other words, his crazy family may be no better than her crazy family, but at least his crazy family lives near a Jamba Juice. (STOP! No need to email me that there are, in fact, five Jamba Juice locations in Idaho. I also have an "internet" installed on my computer, as it turns out. ["Five? I'm moving to Idaho." -- Wing Chun]) Nate rides the Pity Train to Pity Town but pretends he's about to take a detour to I-Actually-Care- About-Somebody-Else- For-Once-Ville, indicating Maya (again, without looking at her, DAD) and vamping, "I really don't want to put Maya in that situation." That situation plus one straw wrapper for her to stare at equals Maya doesn't care because she's two. If you really want to do something for the kid, you could stop finding ways to conjugate the word "fuck" into every blank of the "Nate Fisher Mad Libs" when you're around her, or she's going to embarrass her daddy real bad when she starts nursery school. As for carting her off to Idaho to attend the dedication of the ashes of the mother you're responsible for killing? I'm sure that's probably fine for her.

But Nate thinks not, moaning on, "Death, death, death. I feel like I'm done looking back. I just wanna look forward." But forward is where the death is, Nate. While you guys let that thought totally blow your mind, Nate pauses for significance before adding a final, "With you. With us." Brenda looks away from the fireplace, into which she had been hurling other good ideas of the "not moving in with Nate" variety, including, "taking some time before moving in with Nate," "giving herself a chance with a guy who might actually have been normal," "'getting into counseling' as a court-ordered dictum rather than 'getting into counseling' as a career path," and "trimming off the back of what is rapidly becoming HBO's most expensively-styled mullet." But she seems pretty happy with what he has to say, asking, "You do?" He smiles back and assures her, "Yeah, I do." They kiss. Man, that kid could be anywhere.

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