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George suggests that they talk about lunch, but Ruth throws a curve: "I'm going to visit my only sister. I didn't realize we were going to be in Topanga." And because there's a glass blower somewhere already working on Ruth's decapitated head container, she throws in the random dig "Family is very important to me, even if it isn't to you!" She storms off and George follows and I don't know why and Lorelai is pretty.

Nate and Maya and Anita sit around the Fisher table, while Claire pours coffee and ANITA GO AWAY. Nate complains about his mother's absence, saying that he was going to ask her to babysit. Before being asked, Claire declines with a quick "I'm busy." Did anybody else think this is where Anita was going to volunteer and then she'd sleep with Nate? Not yet. Soon, though. Claire asks if Nate's frequent nights on the town indicate anything serious, and he fills her in with what I thought were lies that he's been seeing someone who works at Dog Camp. Anita complains about Maureen Dowd because, as I discussed last week, one per episode. So I'll say nothing about it. Except maybe to comment on the fact that the actress playing Anita has no idea who Maureen Dowd is. I'm sorry, but you can just tell. She delivered that line with the passion of Ace of Base phonetically pronouncing English words. Claire tries to clear up plans for the evening, asking Anita what time the movie is. Anita says she won't be going to the movie because she'll be getting Claire's sloppy seconds that night with Russell. Claire bites back, "Do whatever you want," seemingly complaining, "It'll be me and Edie tonight." Just at that moment David enters wearing jeans and rolling his head, telling a concerned populace, "I'm fine. I've just been working on Mrs. Morrison for a hundred and ten years." Claire changes the subject by telling David she's going to the movies with Edie, and he's all, "Girls' night out? I'm there." It sounds from off-camera like Maya is making some actual human sounds -- which clearly can't be then case -- so Nate begins to "calm" "her" "down" with a song that goes like this: "I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch, an onion patch, an onion patch. I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch and all I do it cry all day." Make crying sounds in song! Best song ever! Edie kills the buzz because her parents were deaf and mute and beat her with a bamboo shoot and that's what she thought was "music," so she all defensively asks, "What the hell was that?" Claire tells them it was a song their mother used to sing to them, and Anita responds, "Well, that explains a lot." As it will when you meet me and you learn that the song I most often insisted singing with my mother used was "Fame." Okay. Fine. Is "Fame."

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