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The incredibly safe gray Volvo pulls up in front of Sister Sarah's house. Ruth knocks for a very long time and George tells her he doesn't think anyone's home, but Patricia Clarkson is soon to answer the door and hug Ruth, who breaks down in racking sobs. ["If only Peter Dinklage were to show up in one of Nate's dream sequences, it would be a total Station Agent reunion, y'all!" -- Wing Chun] Bettina appears at the door soon after and embraces the shrieking Ruth, fake-crying for a minute and announcing, "Oh, for God's sake, Fisher," because between these two are nothing but lightness and liquid sunshine.

Sister Sarah's back yard. Sarah is showing Ruth a series of hideously ugly papier-mâché monsters, and we discover that she has become an art teacher because it seems to suit her better than being addicted to painkillers. Bettina walks over with George just then and tells them, "George has just told me the entire history of papier-mâché. Fascinating." She barely registers the look of horror that must have enveloped her during his twenty-minute speech about the formation of the language that invented the symbol for the little hat thing that goes about the "a." George asks after the bathroom and Sarah shows the way, and when Ruth and Bettina are alone, Bettina reminds Ruth, "I left five fucking messages for you...why haven't you called me?" Ruth doesn't answer, and Bettina tells her that she looks funny, which Ruth tries to blame on dehydration, even though it's a plain fact that she just tends to look funny.

Vanessa, now starring in Another Stakeout, sits in the driver's seat of her car outside of The Sideways Eight talking to her sister. Good call, Vanessa. Angelica always seems to have a decidedly calming effect on you in times of strife. Let's see what kind of dulcet counsel she offers now: "That fucking bastard. I told you he was going to do this to you one day." She's like Patty and Selma all wrapped up into one feisty tamale. Vanessa argues that she's sure there's a "logical explanation," but just then Sideways Eight walks outside the house and Vanessa brilliantly mutters, "Oh, my Ggod." Angelica, hair in comedy rollers on the set, asks Vanessa what she's seeing, and Vanessa replies, "Rico's charity has a double-D." Tits-wise. Sideways Eight picks up the book and returns to the house to learn to read, as Vanessa holds one hand up in stark confusion as if she's waiting for someone just to explain this whole thing to her. She asks her sister if she'll take the kids tonight, and Angelica explains that she can't do it until the following day. "Fine," Vanessa utters. Angelica asks her if she's going to be "okay tonight," and Vanessa responds, "Don't worry about me." She hangs up and throws the phone down, acting the shit out of that scene, I have to say.

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