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"Neil I met on, the teacher I met on Salon," Sarah explains, perhaps still single because she hasn't tried TWoP Personals. ["May they rest in peace." -- Wing Chun] Kathy Bates giggles that George doesn't seem to be coming back in to dinner. They get back to Sarah's multitude of boyfriends, and when Kathy Bates proclaims one of them "a loser," Sarah shoots back, "He's someone to do things with!" Kathy Bates thinks that's "worse than being alone," and Sarah utters a brilliant, "Well, I like him, so shut up." Ruth busts in just then to say she thinks she should be getting home because "George drives really slowly at night" because how else is going to have enough time to explain how The Flintstones couldn't really have existed? Sarah offers her place for the night and Ruth immediately accepts because Lorelai is tired.

Casa Diaz. As the kids sit in the living room and unknowingly keep Rico from having his testicles tied into a cat's cradle, he speeches at Vanessa about the size of Mrs. Morrison's tumor. She's pretty noncommittal in her replies, so he asks if she's listening to him. She tells him that she is, repeating the last thing he said in that awesomely patronizing way that means "I'm hearing, but I'm not listening and I wanted you to know." He keeps chatting, oblivious, asking her if she can imagine knowing there is "something terrible just eating away at your insides," which resonates with Vanessa, who grits her teeth and spits, "Yes. I can."

Claire's and Edie's pinkies almost touch on the shared armrest at what sounds like a movie featuring a lot of running horses. Pamie thinks it's Troy. ["I thought Seabiscuit -- maybe the re-release?" -- Wing Chun] Man, if you're going to have such a baseline partisan reaction to politics, at least go see Fahrenheit 9/11. Or The Corporation. Or Outfoxed. Or...sorry, I could go on, but I'm too busy deleting new emails from about how we should take back the country from the conservative media.

"Oh my God, this is so dirty," Maile giggles at Nate leads her into a seedy room at the seedy Pacific Sands Motel. Oh, Maile. You have no idea. Just don't walk barefoot near Nate's side of the bed if you don't want to find out why. And, kissy kissy love love right onto the top of the bed. Oh, not on the bedspread! Don't you people ever watch Dateline?

David sits at the now-empty bar, demanding, "I'll take one more for the road." The bartender tells him he won't be doing any such thing, telling David that they're closing. David checks his watch and mutters, "Shit," opening his wallet to pay and spilling change out everywhere. He goes to pick it up and his hand meets the bootytender's hand

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