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Claire and Mena Suvari are in her Vintagemobile looking very, very awkward. "I guess that's it," Mena Suvari says sadly, and Claire agrees that, yes, it is. And then, hot girl/girl action. Mena Suvari leans in for a kiss, but Claire is all cold fish-y about it and Mena Suvari feels like she's kissing her brother. She back up and asks Claire what's going on, saying she feels like maybe she's into her, but maybe she's "just confused, right?" Claire casts her eyes guiltily downward and nods at nothing. Mena Suvari tells her she could be into Claire but that she needs to hear her say it too, and Claire smiles her best non-lesbo smile and apologizes, "I can't say it." She turns to Mena Suvari and tells her that she knows she wants to be with her all the time. Mena Suvari takes this as an opportunity to try one more time, and Claire pulls back and apologizes, taking her leave. Maile, she sleeps on in peace.

Rico presides over the Morrison funeral while Nate takes a phone call to discover Brenda as the caller. He launches right in to tell her they need to have an "honest conversation," in which he tells her that Petunia Lisa came down to earth in the form of a flower and told him he needs to reform his sex life. He says it somewhat differently than that. He also adds that "Joe seems like a good guy" and advises Brenda to "go be with him...give [herself] a chance to be happy. He counsels her to tell him the truth, which Brenda remember didn't work so well when she tried that with Nate.

And then, my tape loses sound entirely and the rest of the episode takes place in utter silence. I watched it the first time it aired, so we'll just make some stuff up. It's almost over anyway.

Silent Rico comes over and tells Silent Nate to get off the phone. Nate says something about the fact that wakes run themselves, though it could always be "cakes are fun in hell" or perhaps "purple monkey dishwasher." Rico gets all short (heh) with Nate and snarks at him in some way short-term memory doesn't allow for much memory of, storming off and leaving Nate to tell Brenda something about finding happiness and peace or binding cheaply for crappy zines.

Bettina rests her pocketbook on George and Ruth's car as he talks to her about something out of earshot, even the first time around. Up on the deck, Sarah tells Ruth that George reminds her of somebody else. A plank of wood? A womanizing wood plank? I can keep guessing. I have plenty of time with no dialogue to transcribe. The person George reminds Sarah of is Nate Sr. Not in education or baldness, but in the intense need to maintain privacy. Oh, my god. I don't remember any of this.

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