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It's Not A Toomah

Justin Ther-neaux comes home to find Brenda reading a big book of other-people-improvement. He comes in and sits down on the couch next to her, and she can barely look at him and barely wait when she tells him that she's done a real, real bad thing. She tells him that she's dealing with some recurring problems in her personality, which is a fancy way of saying that she's been banging somebody else who isn't him. Joe takes a moment to digest this information, and then sits forward on the couch and tells her it's over. She asks him if he might just consider making it a "new beginning," and he tells her he doesn't think much of that idea at all. Ever her boobs are sad.

David lies in bed wearing the exact same flannel pajama bottoms I sleep in. He talks to Keith on a cell phone, explaining the phone call from Amanda Hugenkiss or whatever, and Keith tries to very slowly navigate the conversation to whether he should make a pass at Javier. David doesn't seem overwhelmingly invested in having this conversation, and Keith asks him what's wrong, exactly. David replies that he doesn't want to fool around with other people anymore, reminding Keith that they could stop any time if one of them wanted to. Keith says he doesn't remember that arrangement. Hey! We do! David cries and cries.

Rico shows up at home to find Vanessa staring out the window. He cranes his neck behind him either to ask where his children are or to look back to when we used to like him more in the past. Vanessa begins her indictment of Rico's gonads by brandishing his cell phone bill at him with his calls to Sideways Eight actually highlighted in yellow. She yells and yells and yells and he tries to tell her he hasn't really done anything wrong, but she rants on in a screaming fashion. She tells him he has to get out of the house and runs into her bedroom, slamming the door. Lorelai is pretty.

Claire ransacks her room looking generally put out, until she is interrupted by an entering Mena Suvari. Claire asks what she wants, and Mena Suvari is all, "I can't live without you." But she's just screwing with Claire, and cracks up and hands Claire her lost wallet. She asks something like whether there could be anything between them, and Claire tells her that part of her wants to sample the forbidden fruit of Mena Suvari's petunia, and part of her doesn't. So she's going to give it a try. But first she's going to brush her teeth.

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