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Which is precisely what they discuss in the next scene, as they pack up the chairs after the funeral is over. Rico worries that he'll freeze up when dealing with the bereaved, and really seems to have finally recognized that the Brothers Fisher might actually have something to offer in their partnership. "Downstairs it's just a body," he says. "But up here, like this young girl, she's someone's sister, someone's daughter. I can't help but think, 'What if it was Julio? Or Vanessa, even?'" For those of you who are keeping track, that's about the nine-millionth hint we've gotten that something bad is going to happen to Julio this season. Which, of course, means that it's probably Vanessa who'll be the one to die. And while we're on the subject, does their other kid even have a name? Rico wonders if Nate ever thinks about Maya or Lisa dying, but Nate insists that he doesn't. "I can't bring them in here with me," he explains. "I just want them to be what's good about life. That way I can come here and deal with what isn't." "You're lucky, then," replies Rico, and they return to cleaning up in silence.

Am I the only one who thinks that JP is beginning to look more and more like David Schwimmer every single week? Yeah. I thought so. Claire has come to the crematorium to have The Big Talk, and, well, it goes just about exactly as you'd expect. Despite the fact that she reveals herself to be a "one-at-a-time sexual person," and even fixes him with her most alluring nervous smile, JP still refuses to commit to any kind of exclusivity. "I don't think I'm there," he says. "It kind of has to be more organic for me." Oh, whatever, doofus. Claire announces that her idea of "organic" doesn't involve not being able to attend his shows because another girl might be there, and to his credit, JP does finally seem to concede that she's got something of a point here. On the other hand, he certainly doesn't do much to redeem himself by begging for a goodbye hug and then trying to turn it into a grope session. Oh, well. At least she finally wised up. Claire runs outside to The Lean Green Corpse Machine, but has to stop to collect her emotions before she can finally drive away forever. So long, Ash! My only regret at your departure is that with Elton instead of Elvis this week, I never got to use my "hunk of, hunk of burning love" joke. And that's not really much of a regret.

And speaking of David Schwimmer, Nate is zonked out on the Fortress's couch, watching an old episode of Friends. Wow. He must really be desperate to get away from Lisa. Too bad it's not working, because she pops up in the doorway to ask why he's in there instead of out in the garage room with her and Maya. You'd think that would be obvious, but Nate is still forced to lie and pretend that he didn't want to wake the baby. Lisa joins him on the couch, and proceeds to harangue him about everything from their day care needs while she looks for a job all the way up to whether or not they should get Maya vaccinated. Lisa, by the way, is against any form of immunization, which doesn't really surprise me. But where's a good case of SARS when you really need it? Finally she gets up to head back to their room, and poor, tired Nate gets dragged along with her. Oy. I give this marriage four more episodes, tops.

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