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The ringing of a phone awakens David, who's confused when he discovers that Keith is no longer in his apartment. In fact, it's Keith on the phone, and he's calling to rip David's heart right out of his pristine, hairless chest. "What happened last night, that was wrong," Keith explains. "I don't know why I went to you, but obviously I wasn't thinking right." "Obviously," replies David. Keith thinks it would be better if they didn't see each other anymore, and David takes the news with just the right combination of hurt and scorn. Eddie walks in behind Keith as they finish up the conversation, and David and Keith both hang up looking sad.

At the Brotherfucking Boudoir, Brenda and Hooker Scrunchieface are finishing up a session. A massage session, you perverts. Scrunchieface gets a call from a co-worker, who's bailing out on an appointment to be her "watcher" later that afternoon. She then explains that being a watcher is the easiest hundred bucks you can make, because all you have to do is sit there and, well, watch. I wonder if Giles knows about this? Heh. For some reason, the image of Giles with a prostitute amuses me. Anyway, Brenda offers to take the job, especially after Scrunchieface places a call to a potential substitute who's too depressed to even answer the phone. Scrunchieface isn't so sure, but Brenda assures her that she's really good at watching. "In fact that's mostly all I do," she adds. "And I guess you've been in three-way situations before," says Scrunchieface. "I mean, who hasn't?" Heh. I was actually going to make that the poll question for this page, but then it occurred to me that I don't really want to know that sort of thing about most of you. I'm sure someone will enlighten us in the forums, however.

Now we get a smash cut to Claire, smashing stuff in George's office. I guess she finally decided to take him up on his offer from last week to throw things. She demolishes his mug or lamp or some other form of desktop ceramic, and then begins ranting about "some girl" who cheated on her SATs. "So you're going to use this as an excuse to bail?" he asks. "'Bail'?" screams Claire. "What is that? Some hip lingo you think the kids are saying these days? You are so fucking lame sometimes." Sing it, sister! Again! Claire continues with her venting, shouting that "you can fuck [DangerSlut] if you want to, but I would definitely wear a condom, because I'm sure that girl has a major case of hepatitis at the very least." George gets defensive, pointing out that he has lots of "conversations" with young girls, and that they "approach" him all the time. Claire rolls her eyes, and George proceeds to criticize her for "focusing on someone else's drama instead of concentrating on [herself]." Then he busts out the real reason for this little chat, which is that "now is probably as good a time as any to talk about the sexual tension" between them. As has been noted in the forums, there really hasn't been all that much sexual tension this season, so this whole thing does seem to be coming out of nowhere all of a sudden. Of course, the other potential possibility is that this is yet another subtle shout-out, what with all the references to "conversations," "focusing on someone else's drama," and, of course, the obvious element of an inappropriate lust for Lauren. I'm just saying. George explains that sexual tension and transference are a normal part of therapy, and that acting on it would be "irresponsible and destructive." Claire is totally freaked out by the whole thing, and can barely even put together a sentence as George switches back to insta-cheer mode and tries to reassemble his ceramic.

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