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Dead women tell no tales

And finally, back at the Fortress the next morning, Ruth is brewing tea. She pours herself a cup, and then heads out to the sun room to examine some baby pictures of her children. And apparently, the prop department took to heart my criticism of the blatantly fake photo on George's desk last week, because all of these pictures are clearly of the cast members when they were kids. The one of Lauren with her eyes bugged out in the background is a keeper, and yes, Nate was even hairy as a boy. Nice bowl cut, by the way. Ruth starts sobbing uncontrollably, and the Tinkling Piano of Personal Growth plays us out as we fade to white.

Aaron from TWoP: And that concludes our business for today. Any new motions?
Aaron Brown: Yeah. How come you get to be in charge?
Aaron from TWoP: Oh, I think my qualifications would be obvious. I'm clearly about four hundred times smarter than the rest of you.
Aaron Burr: I don't know about that. Let's not forget, I once served as Vice-President to Thomas Jefferson.
Aaron from The Bible: And I helped lead your ancestors out of slavery.
Hank Aaron: I hit 714 home runs.
Aaron Spelling: I created dozens of hit shows spanning forty years of broadcast television.
Elvis Aron Presley: I had 131 gold records, scores of number-one hits, and unlike Alan Ball, I actually have had sex with Cybill Shepherd.
Aaron from TWoP: Oh. Well, if you want to look at it that way, I, um…uh…oh! I know! I once recapped the Dune mini-series. People really seemed to like that one.
Aarons Everywhere: Get out. Now.

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