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Dead women tell no tales

Down in the Body Shop, Rico is reviewing the DGDJ. StC = 1,397 this week, which is a reasonably respectable score. What's not respectable, however, is the odor apparently coming off the body. In fact, Nate is almost knocked over by it when he comes in. In a fairly transparent attempt to make up for the fact that he had nothing at all to do last week, Rico now gets to be all excited and MacGyver-ish about the possibilities for restoration. Nate, meanwhile, can't handle the stench. "I have no idea why I came in here," he says, giving up on his search of the desk. "Maybe you have Alzheimer's," offers Rico. "Yeah, and maybe you and everyone else should stop making thinly veiled references to my brain disease!" shouts back Nate. Well, no, not really, but I'd totally understand it if he did. Rico is concerned that he might not be able to restore her enough for an open casket, especially if there's any "skin slippage." Whew. I'm sure glad Jessica was watching that other Sunday night show. We all know how she feels about skin showers. Nate just can't let go of the fact that this woman died alone. "Maybe she was just some vicious asshole, you know? Just twisted and evil, and that's why she didn't have anyone in her life." Rico, however, just wants to psychobabble. Shut up, Rico.

Down at the school, Claire is registering for the SATs. Suddenly "Parker McKenna" (a.k.a. DangerSlut) shows up, only she's now a much thinner brunette who wears glasses. Claire is utterly shocked that DangerSlut decided to bring in a ringer, and while she's speechless, I'll just applaud the writing staff for their subtle and well-researched "extra number two pencil" reference to some of the more famous SAT cheating scandals.

Meanwhile, Brenda is at lunch with her new hooker friend, whom I've finally recognized as "Ensign Scrunchieface" from the only episode of Enterprise I've ever actually watched. ["She was also a recurring season-one baddie on C.S.I." -- Sars] There's an unconscionable amount of psychobabble in this scene (not to mention some excessive dadaism), most of it coming in the form of a monologue from Brenda about how she and Nate have drifted apart. The highlight? Brenda pointing out that "it's so sad that you can love somebody so much, and have absolutely no idea what's going on in their head." Oh, for Christ's sake! It's enough already! Yes, Nate has something in his head! We! Get! It! Is AVM caused by anvils, by any chance? Brenda and Hooker Scrunchieface bond over the fact that relationships suck, and then Brenda makes a faux pas by asking if that's why she "blows guys for money." Scrunchieface rationalizes her career choice for a bit, and then decides not to respond to a client's page because she doesn't want to deal with traffic. She also explains that most girls only want to be her friend so that they can "pump her" for all the gory details about being a hooker. Judging from the way Brenda's been fiddling with her wine glass this whole time, I'm not really sure that's the sort of "pumping" she had in mind.

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