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The Jill Soloway Interview

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"Everybody knows about Television Without Pity."
Did your phone ring off the hook at ten o'clock that night? Well, I wasn't home, but yeah, I mean, emails did, and yeah. I mean, my family is really into it, you know? My dad calls, and he's like, [weepy voice] "I can't talk. I have to go. I can't talk." That must be gratifying. Yeah, everybody's freaking out. Who are some of the other writers about the show that you've been reading? Do you read, like, Heather Havrilesky at Salon? I love her, yeah, and I've been emailing her and talking to her a little bit. I mean, she has a much more complicated and interesting take on the show then even we do as the writers who are crafting it. She wrote that great thing about Nate representing everybody's kind of narcissistic side, the part of all of us that says, Hey, there's a better relationship out there for me, or, Hey, I'm really right and everybody else is wrong. Yeah. I love that thing that she wrote. I kept it for a lot of people that I knew and then she and I started emailing and talking. You know, I found out I had a friend who knew her. Just how…she really illuminates things. You know, we all have a lot of really interesting things and thoughts about the characters as writers, but because we're so into it, it's really interesting to watch someone like Heather just write a paragraph that makes us go, "Oh yeah, that's what we were doing." Which we kind of didn't even really know. I forwarded what she wrote to everybody now and everybody loved it. I feel like, you know, what the characters do is kind of like a cross-section between who the characters are and who the actors are and who the writers are, so we're all just kind of, like, in it too, just as much as the characters are. This'll happen up in the writers' room, and its not like each person is a character, but we all live through things that the characters go through. And so, we're kind of right in the middle of it as much as anybody and it's the kind of analysis that Heather does or even that Virginia Heffernan does, which I have no idea what she's talking about most of the time. [laughs] I look and I'm just like, What is she saying? "This breathes sincerity and authenticity" and I don't know what she's talking about, you know? I really don't. I don't know if you read those things that she writes in the New York Times, but she also writes really sort of complicated, interesting, you know, academic-y foundation takes on the show. I mean, I can barely follow what Heather's talking about? I like what she's talking about and I get it and sometimes she goes into tangents where I go, "I have no idea what you're talking about anymore." And, with Virginia Heffernan I have no idea. I mean, I cannot make heads or tails of her commentary at all. She seems very, very, very smart. I mean, I read stuff like that and I go, "Wow, this person's brilliant. Don't know what they're talking about."

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