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The Jill Soloway Interview

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"Everybody knows about Television Without Pity."
So, you know you can get a t-shirt on Television Without Pity that says "Narm"? Oh, really? I had no idea. Yeah, it's got a gravestone on it, and the gravestone says "Narm." Oh my God, that's so funny. Because, on this website that I'm on with all my friends, there's me and like twelve or fifteen other women and we all write to each other all day long. But anyway, we're all constantly saying "Narm" on there. I can imagine. But you can only get it until the end of August. If you're gonna order one. It's a "Now or Never" kind of thing. I’m gonna order one right now. All your friends, all your family. So what was the set like, when the show was still going on. Did you hang out with the actors and directors? Yeah. They generally wanted to talk about stuff before they did it. I think actors pretty much socialize with each other and writers socialize with each other. That's what I've read. I just ordered my Narm t-shirt. Already? Wow, that's great. Enjoy it. I will. It's really cool. I promise not to ring your phone off the hook at ten o'clock, but I'm looking forward to the finale. Very excited. Me too. Yeah, you must be. We're all going to watch it at Bob Greenblatt's house. One of the original producers. I'm sure it'll be great. Well, have fun. Say hi to everyone for me. Okay, I will. Like they care. I was gonna tell you, too, you have fans on the board now. After the In Memoriam special came on? Oh, yeah? Yeah. People on the boards totally dig you. Oh, good [laughs]. That's good. A market for your book. Yeah. And it's good for Television Without Pity people. I think they'll like it.

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