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The Jill Soloway Interview

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"Everybody knows about Television Without Pity."
Well, like every episode of everything, whether it's television or film, basically is never really finished, you know? It's not really finished until people watch it. There's a constant sort of shaping and changing of everything in this business every day, actually. An episode will be written and then we'll take notes in the writers' room. There'll be a table reading, the director will have some thoughts, and other people will have thoughts. It's always small little things, but dialogue is changed and we'll have production meetings and somebody will say, you know, something about the location that it'd have to be written at. For example, there's a joke, I don't know if you make it, but somebody made up their mind that Maggie lives in a car. It's hilarious. Because we make that same joke in the writer's room, because we couldn't afford to build her a set for her apartment. Oh. [laughs] We actually did [build one], but for example, like I said, if somebody had written, you know "Maggie's Apartment" as the location, and we only have nine days to shoot, then the location department says, "We don't have enough time to go to location those days," and we go, "Okay, we'll put her in her car." Oh, okay. I figured it was something like that. Yeah. So how did you find Television Without Pity? I love it. How did I find it? Everybody knows about it. I'm trying to be modest. I think everybody knows about it. You know, I mean as writers, we all read it. You know, we go into that, we go into the HBO boards to see if people like our episodes. You know. We try not to, because a lot of times you don't want to see what people have to say, because it's horrifying a lot of the time. [laughs] It's so scary, you know, because all of our friends always tell us that our episodes are great but when you just go to some of those message boards…I mean, some writers probably don't go. I know Craig [Wright] goes and I go and some writers have to go and see what people are saying. I think that's the second place we check after the HBO boards. Do you ever post on the boards? No, uh-uh. Never. One thing that happens on the boards a lot that's really annoying is that people really love to catch us in mistakes. And it's like, for example, like Fiona's date of birth? Uh-huh? And, you know, the fact that the math that Nate was saying, when he's having the scene with Billy about how old he was or how old Fiona was, mixed with what we put up as her date of birth/date of death on the white card, mixed with what was on the sign in front of her funeral? And that was, like, stuff we were all going through constantly throughout the prep process, trying to get it right. Trying to get an age that Lee Garlington wouldn't feel like was offensive for her as an actress to be calling her, because she acted much older than she actually was.

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