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I see. And an age that would make sense for Nate to have his virginity taken away. And then, like, ultimately, a mistake was made by the prop department for the funeral sign there, and we were all going crazy, and I was saying to Alan Poul, the producer, like, "Don't worry, nobody's going to notice." [laughs cynically] And then on the message board that's all anybody talks about. [laughs] Well, I have to be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed it if a poster hadn't mentioned it on the boards. Yeah, they love to catch us. I love when people talk about like what's going on or why [characters] are doing things but, like, when they're just pointing out mistakes it's so embarrassing to me. You know, obviously we know that we made them. Yeah, there's so many details that go into a show that it's not feasible to get them all right in the amount of time you have, I would imagine. Yeah. It's true. And that scene that we shot, that funeral scene where the sign was up with her name on it? We shot that the morning after our mid-season party so the prop guy was really hung over. [laughs] Oh, that's great. And he made the mistake. So is there anything you can tell me that you couldn't tell me while the show was still in production? Well, obviously, you know, Nate dying. Right. And so, everybody knows that now, and that was kind of the main thing that we were hoping people wouldn't know. Um, but other than that, I think, you know, the next two episodes don't have any kind of, like, main surprises in them except for that they're just amazingly beautifully written. There's no secrets any more. Yeah. Someone actually came out with a pretty detailed synopsis of the Nate's death episode like a week before on our boards. And were they close? Were they right? Yeah, they were pretty much dead on. Well, any, yeah, the thing is, like, there's extras can come on the set and get scripts. I mean, anybody who has seen a script can leak it and it's really easy to see the script. There's extras, there's casting people, there's makeup people, there's day players on the set, you know? People who'll come in and work for a day and see whatever in whatever department. They can know things we're keeping secret and it's really easy to leak. I suppose. And you guys have a lot of bigger casts for a TV show. Yeah, that's true, there's a lot more people.

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