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The Jill Soloway Interview

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"Everybody knows about Television Without Pity."
That sounds cool. Tell me about your book. Okay. It's called Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants. And you can link to Amazon. It's gonna come out in the next couple weeks but people can preorder if they want to. It's basically just, like, the book of everything I've ever wanted to say to everyone in the world. [laughs] Okay. A lot of people think a lot of it has a very Claire-ish voice. A lot of people would say that my writing reads like Claire's. Yeah? But for example, the pantyhose, when she's saying, like, "Why in the world do we have these perfect, like Barbie leg, like, what's the point of that?" Basically it's a whole book like that. That was a great line. Yeah, that's like the kind of stuff I'm constantly angry about and always thinking Claire things. Is Claire your favorite character to write for on the show? I like writing for everybody, although definitely Claire and Brenda are the closest to me. Writing for Claire is basically tuning into my head-voice. But I'm sorry, back to your book. Okay, so the book is basically like, 200 pages of that sort of internal monologue, rambling, funny, essayish stuff. A lot of it is kind of about celebrity obsession and worship. I don't know if you watch the Kathy Griffin show? Or her special? I've seen parts of it, yeah. She cracks me up. It's about celebrity worship, it's about being a woman, its about working the TV business, it's got a whole bunch of tips of how to get into the TV business, it's how a lot of, like, feminist theory. Kind of, you know, trying to understand the truth behind the whole Kobe situation, what actually happened in that room, and, like, giving Monica Lewinsky her due. Really, who wouldn't blow the President, given the chance? [laughs] Well, sure. [laughs] I mean, seriously. I'd probably pass on the current one. Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn't. You don't know. That's true. One never knows. The Oval Office? A lot of history there. You might want to be part of history. [laughs] Until it comes up, who knows? Yeah, I mean, really. I mean, she got the short end of the stick, figuratively. Possibly literally. And so, it's just that kind of book. It's just very, very funny, very, kind of like feminist and essays and things. I'm going to be going on a book tour around the country. The book tour's on my website.

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