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"Everybody knows about Television Without Pity."
I was looking at your book tour itinerary. Yeah. That looks awesome, with the Six Feet Under actresses. Uh-huh. I'm really excited. In Chicago, it's going to be people from my old theater company. But in New York, Lauren Ambrose, and then possibly Tina Holmes -- she's in New York. And Ileana Douglas is in New York. But right now I have Tina -- Tina played Maggie -- I have Tina and Ileana down for L.A. Okay. But, like uh, the actresses -- Vanessa, Justina [Machado]…Sprague [Grayden], who played Anita, is gonna be at one of my bookstore events. Jennifer Elise Cox, who played the surrogate, is gonna be at one. My friend Becky, who played Kathy's daughter Marcie -- she's gonna be in the last episode -- yeah, every woman in the book will be read by women. That's so cool. So you just, like, asked them to do this? Yeah. That's awesome. I think it'll be fun. Whether it's true or not, I'm definitely trying to send out that message of, "Don't worry, you won't miss Six Feet Under, come to Jill Soloway's book signing!" There is a bit of a difference between Six Feet Under and me. I mean, people who really, truly love Six Feet Under, you know, are a lot more interested in death than I am. I personally am not all that interested in death. I don't like to think about it all that much. I'm kind of shallow. [laughs] I'm more into, like, pop culture. You know. Pop culture and feminism. And, you know, about Hollywood and love and sex and, you know. Like the people who are really into, like, deeply thinking about what we're doing here on earth and why we die? They may not like my book. But people who are sort of looking for distractions from thinking about death, I'd say that's more who would like it. Yeah, that'd be me. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, people who like Television Without Pity would probably love it. I talk about all these theories about celebrities, and I have this whole theory that they're big babies in the community and I sort of go into detail about that. Did you ever read Stiff by Mary Roach? We were all given that book on our first day of work and I never read it. Yeah, the whole death thing, I mean, uch. Well, the book's about death, but it's actually pretty funny. ["I thought it was trying too hard. Call it in the air." -- Sars] Yeah, I'm sure it's good. I just try to avoid it. Fair enough. So what are you working on next? Do you have another TV project that's coming up in the future?

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