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I'm actually, I got a deal to write a pilot professionally through my agency. Okay. We'll figure out what the show will be and we'll go and pitch to different networks, and it might end up on TV next season. Did you say you had a title for the show you're working on now? I'm thinking about calling it Mamas. Either Mamas or Mommies. I'm not sure yet. So that would be after the book tour, I take it? Yeah. [At this point, Jill is nice enough to ask me a bunch of questions about me and my life and how I got hired at TWoP and so on, but that's not what you're here to read about, is it?] So, I'm not spoiled for the last couple of episodes, by the way. Yeah, I don't want to… You don't want to ruin them? No. Can you give me a hint? I heard that it goes far into the future until everyone dies. Where'd you hear that? Uh, the boards? Where do they hear that stuff? I don't know. How are they finding out? So that's not that far off? Would it ruin it for you if I told you? Do you want to know or do you want to be surprised? Well, you know, to be honest, I want to be surprised. Because I wasn't at all spoiled for the season finale of 24 and yet I wasn't surprised by that ending. Yeah, it's better to be surprised. So I was like, if I had been spoiled, I would have wondered if it didn't surprise me because I was spoiled, or because it just wasn't surprising. I think it's better. I think people ask me all the time but they actually really want to be surprised. I think I'll enjoy it more if I don't know. Yeah, I won't tell you. [laughs] That's probably for the best. Not that I don't want to know, and I'm looking forward to the ending. Yeah, I can't wait to watch it. I actually didn't. I mean, I knew what was in the script, obviously, and I went to the table read, but I didn't watch any cuts. I didn't go into the editing to see any of it. Is that how you usually do it? A lot if times I will watch -- you know, the writers can watch tapes and we can give notes if we notice anything. Little teeny input things. So that we can, you know, see them first. I would say up to my episode I had seen them all. So when I watch them on TV, I like to watch them at nine o'clock on Sunday night. Like, for example, when Nate died? I was on vacation in a place that didn't have HBO. So I asked for a copy of the tape and popped it in on Sunday night. I just, like, really wanted to be there at the moment it happened for everybody. I wanted to experience it at the same time all my friends were experiencing it. Everybody I know is really, really, really into it right now. I'm the same way.

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