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Dead End

Alan Ball: Whew. Amen, brother.
Aaron: Anybody got anything else they'd like to say?
Rick Cleveland: I'd just like to add that he also smells funny.
Aaron: Thanks, Rick.
Rick Cleveland: No problem.

At Nikolai's Flower Shop Of The Last Time We'll Ever See Nikolai, Ruth is desperately trying to show him stack after stack of baby pictures. When he makes it abundantly clear that he's not really interested in looking at photos of someone else's little dirty diaper machine, Ruth suddenly decides that it's time for her to quit. "I'm just not growing in this environment," she blurts, before going on to mention that Fisher & Sons might be closing because no one has the money to pay for a new septic system. Nikolai insists that he never asked for her money, and also swears to pay her back as quickly as possible. He even gets up and cleans out the register for her. Of course, it only comes to a total of $62, but Ruth puts in her pocket nonetheless. And with that, Nikolai leaves us forever. Farewell, sweet Nikolai. Even though pretty much anyone would have been an improvement over Ed Begley Jr., you were still my favorite out of all the Fisher relationships.

Claire's room. She's lying on her bed, listening to music and checking out brochures for various local colleges when Nate walks in behind her. He turns down the music, and announces that he just stopped to say hi. Claire isn't really sure what to make of that, so Nate changes the subject by asking why she's checking out these other schools. "I so totally blew the interview," explains Claire, adding that she started bawling after mentioning their father. Nate gives her a kind, big-brotherly sort of look, and she in turn asks him if the operation will be serious. He assures her that it is "SO not a big deal," and she's relieved. Her relief is quite short-lived, however, as Nate notices the black-and-white pictures of Billy on her bed. She starts getting all defensive, but he's more interested in telling her how good they are than giving her another lecture. "I didn't yell at you," he says, "I was just looking out for you." Aww. Now I have to go call my sister. I'll be right back. Right. Okay. So where was I? Oh, yeah, Claire was dissing her brother. "Okay, don't take this wrong way," she tells him, "and I know I have a tendency to fall for kind of insane boys, but you have a tendency to, like, dole out the wisdom like you're the Dalai Lama or whatever, and it's not like you're so incredibly together that I'm like dying for your advice." Wait. Hold on. Back up a second. She has a tendency to fall for insane boys? And I have a tendency to fall for neurotic women? How the hell are we not together yet? I just don't understand that. Anyway, she goes on to explain that even though her boyfriends tend to attack people with knives, guns, and sanctimonious criticism of her cynicism, he's the one who doesn't appear to be really "dealing" with life here. "All right," replies a chastened Nate. "I'll never give you advice again." Claire clarifies that she only meant he shouldn't "act like he knows anything," and they both smile and decide to let the subject drop. The scene ends with Nate closely examining one of the pictures and wondering if Billy is naked.

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