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Dead End

The Body Shop. Rico makes his big presentation about becoming a partner, which basically consists of him sitting in a chair and offering them $50,000 because the business would be worthless if they had to shut it down. He also demands to be an equal partner, but before David can yell, "Shut up, Rico," Nate drags him out into the hallway. "I'm sorry to have to say this now," whispers Nate, "but I think you might really want another partner right now." David isn't happy, but he does realize the wisdom of that idea, so his only concern is that Rico not be an equal partner. The boys walk back into The Body Shop, and Nate pulls the figure of $75,000 for twenty-five percent of the business straight out of his ass. Rico instantly accepts, and jumps up to hug them both while repeating, "Okay! Okay! Okay!" over and over again.

Yeah. So while we're here, can anyone tell me why is it that the ownership of this damn funeral home is always the most consistently contrived element of the show? I mean, first there was the goofy split in The Late Nate's will, then there was Gilardi and his Fishdar, then we got Ruth's Big Bag O' Cash, then came Mitzi Hot-Tub-Huntley, and now Rico just happens to inherit $150,000 the week before the brothers need some extra dough. I get the ultimate point behind all these machinations, but why not just make him a partner and be done with it? Did I really have to listen to Vanessa babble about swimming pools just to get here?

Anyway, the Ironic Segue Fairy cuts us straight from Rico saying "okay" to Nate telling Brenda, "Okay, so I just wanted to tell you that a lot of what you said was true." He's referring to the big break-up, and Brenda keeps apologizing profusely, saying, "I didn't have the right to say anything to you. I'm the one who's fucked up." Yeah, well, we've all been there, haven't we? They're actually having a very adult, mature conversation about all their problems, which is something of a miracle in itself, and when Brenda hands Nate a copy of a book about sexual addiction, it seems that she's finally come to terms with her issues. "I went to one of these meetings up in Seattle," says Nate, as he flips through the pages. Brenda asks why, and he sadly replies that he thought "it might apply." Brenda seems almost touched by his confession, as if she's realizing that other people have been where she is now. "Well, it says in the book that once you realize what it is," she says, "and you work really hard, you can…people have this whole new experience of love. Some people, I mean." Nate isn't sure what she's getting at, so she explains even further: "I really love you. And I don't think I would have done what I did if I didn't really love you." "That's a very…strange thing to say," he responds, but when you think about it, it really isn't. Only the people we truly care about can make us do such stupid things, and that's almost a universal fact. "It's the fear of feeling something real," says Brenda, and Nate replies with a simple, "okay." What is it with "okay" in this episode? It's like it's the new "fuck" or something. "I love you, too," he adds. "I just wanted you to know that even though you really pissed me off." They talk some more, and Nate delivers a long speech about how she made him "feel more" than he ever did with anyone else. Then he mentions the surgery, only he lies and says it's just an embolization. Brenda asks if she can be there with him, and he answers with rather harsh "no" that would seem to indicate he's not fully over everything that's happened. That's made even more obvious when he practically bolts from her house at this point, leaving a sadly resigned Brenda all alone in her Palace of Promiscuity.

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