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Dead End

Back in the operating room, the anesthesiologist gives Nate a quick shot, and asks him to count backwards from ten. He does, but he only makes it to six before going under, and soon the only sound is his steady breathing. Fade to white.

But it's not over yet! Fade back up on Nate, as he goes for a symbolic jog of life along a deserted highway. From behind him appears a city bus, and it pulls to the side of the road just in front of him. As the Darth Vader-like breathing continues to play, Nate steps up to the open door, but when he looks inside, the bus is empty. We get a wide shot of him staring at the driver's seat, and then we fade once again to white, and Six Feet Under's sterling second season comes to a silent end.

Aaron: Okay, so the bus represents death, right?
Alan Ball: No, no, no. Baldness is death. The bus represents destiny.
Aaron: Then what about the jogging?
Alan Ball: Oh, that's just because Peter looks good in tight shorts.
Aaron: Oy. I'm gonna need the whole damn summer just to sort this out.
Alan Ball: Yeah, well, for a while there it seemed like you were gonna need the whole damn summer just to write the recap.
Aaron: Yeah. Sorry about that.
Alan Ball: Eh, that's okay. I've grown to find you, well, almost tolerable these past few months.
Aaron: Aww. Does that mean you'll miss me?
Alan Ball: Um, no.
Aaron: Oh, well. Wanna do some bong hits?
Alan Ball: Amen.

And so upon the [eighth] day I rested, with the recap finally complete. Now you kids have a great summer, and we'll meet back here whenever David Chase finally gets off his ass and makes some new shows.

David Chase: Hey! I heard that! First of all, LATE BOY, I'm meticulous, not slow. And secondly, I really don't appreciate this constant obsessive need of yours to make reference to…
Aaron: Get out. Now.

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