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Dead End

Angry-La. Keith is sitting in the living room when David comes home bearing gifts for young Taylor. Unfortunately, however, Taylor is nowhere to be found, and Keith quickly explains that his parents have taken her down to San Diego. "For how long?" wonders David. "For good," answers Keith. "There's no way we could have kept her," he continues. "Not after what I did." David insists that they could have tried, but Keith also reveals that he's been suspended from the police force, and that he has no intention of returning. David tries to change his mind, but Keith leaves the room before he can even finish his sentence, and in what will be the first of several times this episode, we slowly fade to white as David sits sadly on the floor.

Fade up on a support group somewhere, with some random dude talking about nipples and the fact that he can't watch "The Ass Parade" anymore because it "takes [him] out of [his] effing reality." We finally pan over to reveal Brenda seated in the back row, just as Mr. Ass Parade goes on to obliquely reference one of her own previous fantasies by telling how he wanted to lick the sweat of some girl he pulled up next to at a traffic light. For those of you who care, by the way, Mr. Ass Parade is played by that guy from The Fugitive. You know, he was that one cop dude who wasn't black, deaf, or Joe Pantoliano. Of course, seeing as how Alan Ball was in last season's finale, I'm sort of wondering why he didn't cast himself here. Now that would have been funny. Anyway, he keeps going on and on about his problems with sexual addiction, thus making sure we know why Brenda is there, and also assuaging my fears that she won't be turning into Marla Singer anytime soon. Eventually Brenda notices our old pal Grant Show sneaking into the meeting late, and they exchange a quick look.

The Body Shop. David and Rico are dressing a tattoo-encrusted corpse when Nate walks in to inform them that replacing the drainage system (as ordered by Benny The Inspector) will cost upwards of $38,000. Since the boys don't have the money, and Kroehner can't even buy them out anymore, they'll have to close the home for a while. Oh, whatever. This is all just set-up for later (and an excuse to use the word "fuck" seven times in ninety seconds), so you don't really need to concern yourself with it right now.

Meanwhile, back at Sluts Anonymous, the meeting has come to a close. Brenda heads over to get reacquainted with Grant, and even manages to remember her "Candace Bavard" fake name from their first meeting. Grant, however, instantly wins a permanent place in my heart by shutting her down with, "I'm so sorry, Candace. I had sex with like two hundred women last year, and all the faces are a blur." Heh!

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