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Dead End

Later, back at The Fortress, Ruth is explaining the logistics for Saturday. She'll go the hospital with Nate, and David will take Robbie's video camera to Claire's graduation so they can watch it later. It seems like a pretty good plan, but both siblings insist that they would rather be with Nate than attending Claire's "lame-ass" graduation. "It's a rite of passage," explains Ruth. "And I'm not going to let you get overshadowed by your brothers like you always do." I can't believe I'm saying this, but I totally agree with Ruth here. Yes, Nate is having major surgery, but it's been less than twenty minutes since Claire was complaining that no one ever remembers anything about her, so you'd think that something as major as her high school graduation would at least warrant a few minutes of videotape. David, however, disagrees, which prompts Ruth to get blurty again. "David, goddammit, I am the mother here!" she shouts. "And I happen to be a damn good mother, no matter what you might think from your limited point of view. This is what we are doing! Now, who wants milk?" Heh.

Rico & Vanessa's house. Even though it's their last scene together this season, I still can't really bring myself to care. Vanessa wants Rico to buy a partnership in Fisher & Sons, but he still thinks they'd never let him in. There's some business with Vanessa yelling at their kid to turn off the faucet, and even though it's stirred all sorts of debate in the forums about a potential future drowning incident, I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be just another example of how she keeps the Diaz men directly under her thumb.

Back at The Fortress, Nate and David are sitting in Das Sargzimmer, filling out a pre-need for Nate. They only get a few lines into the form before David confesses that "this is very difficult" for him. "You're not going to die," he insists. "I have to get ready for it," replies Nate. "And I think you should too." David finally agrees to finish, and Nate mentions that he'd like Rabbi Ari to perform his service. Ooh! Now I kinda hope he does die. David wonders why he wouldn't want Father Jack to do the service, but he also admits that he doesn't want Father Jack either, because he doesn't want to give him the wrong idea. "What kind of idea is he going to get when you're dead?" wonders Nate. "I don't know," answers David. "I just don't want him cruising me in the afterlife." The boys giggle right along with me on that one, and then Nate reintroduces the required level of gravitas into the scene by asking if David thinks that the afterlife is "some sex club that never closes." "Yeah," responds David. "And no one ever tells you if it's heaven or hell." You know, it's an electric word, afterlife. It means forever, and that's a mighty long time. But if the elevator tries to bring you down, just go crazy, and punch a higher floor! What? Oh, sorry. Anyway, Nate lets out a loud sigh and admits that he's truly scared about all this. "I wish you could come with me," he says, which prompts David to declare that there's no way he's going to Claire's graduation. "That's not what I meant," says Nate, and now I sort of wonder what he did mean. Does he want to have David buried with him like one of the Pharaoh's cats? David gets up from his chair and sits beside his brother on the couch. They share an embrace, and the scene comes to an end.

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