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Okay, just how many washing machines do they have in the Fortress anyway? There's the one in the Body Shop, and there's one next to the kitchen, and now there's a whole new laundry-room set that seems to be where the TV room used to be. Whatever. I guess they call it a Fortress because it's so big or something. Anyway, Nate comes home to find Claire "Marry me, Lauren" Fisher staring at a sock. He wonders why she's not out having fun after he and David lied for her, and she suddenly starts bawling because there's a hole in her sock. Aww -- don't cry, Claire. I'll have that sucker darned for you in no time at all. Cut to later, as Nate and Claire sit on one of the many washing machines and chat. Nate asks about Gabe, and Claire explains that she just really likes the idea that someone needs her, someone who doesn't see her as just "some annoying extra person lumped in with everyone else." Since I think my feelings on this subject have been made abundantly clear (Marry me, Lauren!), I'll just point out that this is what I meant earlier when I said that the fact that no one even considered Claire as a suspect in the Great Goblet Breaking of 2001 would be important. Nate claims that he needs Claire, but she laughs at that, and Nate looks just bashful enough to have realized that she's probably right. Claire starts really crying now, asking if there's something wrong with her, and why everyone in her life that she cares about suddenly disappears. Nate has obviously been taking psychobabble lessons from Brenda, as he points out that he thinks she's talking about Dad, and not Gabe. He tells her that she's eventually going to have to deal with her feelings, and she tearfully replies, "God, can't I just get upset without having to focus on what's really making me upset?" Nate agrees that it worked for him for "thirty-four years," and then they hug, and I hit pause to pretend that it's my rectangle head she's leaning against, and not his.

Oh boy. I think I may need to take a little break before recapping this next scene, so I'm gonna run out and do a load of laundry in one of my nineteen washing machines. I'll be right back.

Alan Ball: [Flick] Ahhhhhhhhhh. Man, I can't believe this dork thinks he's got a chance with Lauren Ambrose. Now that's funny!
MBTV Aaron: Dude! I'm sitting right here, you know.
Alan Ball: Yeah, and we all read your recaps. What's your point?
Aaron Sorkin: Hey! Quit bogarting the Special K. I need all the fiber I can get with these shrooms in my system.

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