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Death takes a holiday

Whew. Good episode. Although I would like to send a note to the HBO scheduling department, reminding them that it's really uncool to run past 10:30 with these episodes, because the TiVo cuts off automatically. I had to re-tape Wednesday's show just to get the ending. Then again, maybe that's exactly what they wanted. Damn you, Gerald Levin!

Alan Ball: [Flick] Ahhhhhhhhh. So what'd you guys think?
Aaron Sorkin: Not bad. It's no "Will he run again?" but I did like the cliffhanger.
Robert Iler: It would have been cooler if Gabe had been shot in the back of the head.
MBTV Aaron: I'll say.
Alan Ball: Oh, don't worry about Gabe. Something tells me he'll be back.
MBTV Aaron: Damn! I wish he'd stop bogarting the Lauren Ambrose.
Aaron Sorkin: Dude. Seriously. Give it up. Your repetition is beginning to scare even me.
MBTV Aaron: Oh yeah? Marry me, Lauren! Marry me, Lauren! Marry me, Lauren! How's that?
Alan Ball, Aaron Sorkin, and Robert Iler: Get out. Now.
Alan Ball: And you can leave the bong on the mantle.

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