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Death takes a holiday

Alan Ball: Deal. But only if you throw in Jaromir Jagr and some cash.

Back in the Body Shop, Illeana has made herself at home. David enters, and after Illeana tells him that she thinks his being a deacon is "adorable," she goes on to explain that she's wearing a halter top because embalming makes her glands go into overdrive and she gets all "pitted." When David tries to suggest a "more professional appearance," she correctly points out that "they're just nipples." She goes on to add that "we've all seen them, we've all touched them, and we've all sucked on them. And it’s not like this guy's going to be lying in the casket and people are going to be saying, 'Oh my God, the embalmer's nipples were hard!'" David does a double take at this while Nate tries manfully not to giggle in the background. David then excuses himself to go feed the homeless, and offers that he just wanted to make sure her first day was going okay. "Well, thanks," she replies. "I'm all gassy, but that's not your fault." I can't decide whether that gets an "ew" or a "heh." You be the judge.

The Ironic Segue Fairy overdubs Brenda saying, "It's hard when a new person comes into a situation. It throws everything off balance." Then we cut to a patented Six Feet Under funky-focus shot, as Billy's face fills about eighty percent of the screen with Brenda in the background in the upper right-hand corner. Billy explains that he doesn't feel threatened by Nate, but Brenda calls him on it, pointing out that he must have known the piss picture was wrong because he didn't show it to her first. "Why are you making such a big deal out of this?" asks Billy, and Brenda shouts back, "Because I love him. You're fucking with my life, Billy, and it's not fair." Aww. That's sweet. Brenda, still upset, storms off to her bedroom, and Billy is left alone in the front of the house. For me, this scene put an end to my incest speculations, as it's something that clearly would have come up during this argument. I'm sure that won't stop Alan and the gang from continuing with the hints, though.

Out on the street corner, David is serving lunch to the homeless. He has a quick DEK moment where one homeless guy requests a blowjob, and then he leaves the table for a drink of water. While he's doing that, he overhears a newly blonde Tracy The Annoying Funeral Stalker reading off a list of names of people who will be feeding the homeless the next night. I doubt too many people caught it the first time through, but one of the names was Keith. As Tracy rounds the corner, she's shocked to find David standing there. They exchange awkward small-talk, and she reveals that she's discovered that he attended St. Stephens for a while, although she insists that "it just came up naturally" in conversation. David admits that he did attend, and agrees that St. Stephens is "very progressive." Tracy seems to finally get the message after that one, but we cut away too soon to be sure.

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