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Out in the Tofutti Tenement, meanwhile, Lisa holds her daughter and cries to herself. Now see? This is what I'm talking about. For God's sake -- Maya's own mother even cries more than she does. I wonder if they've got that kid on Prozac or something.

Couples therapy. David kicks things off by announcing, "I hear that when I re-wash the dishes after you've washed them, it makes you feel like I don't think you're good enough." Boy, it sure is a good thing these two are working out the really important issues in their relationship, isn't it? After they get that one settled, Dr. Gross asks if anything else has come up since their last session. Keith says no, but David rolls his eyes and blurts, "Well we did have three-way sex with a stranger." He's also bit of a drama queen about the whole thing, so I'm thinking Terry and Patrick might be starting to rub off on him a little bit. But not in a Sears men's room sort of way, of course. "How did it feel to you?" asks Dr. Gross. "Fine," answers David. "It was a lot more enjoyable than the paintball." Heh. Arye suggests that they might want to consider establishing ground rules for encounters like this if they plan on doing it again, but he does want make sure first that they're both comfortable with that idea. "It was very liberating," Keith acknowledges. "To be spontaneous and kind of wild together, instead of always being so careful about everything." "It was fun to be wild," David admits. "I still think Sarge was a little veiny, though." Arye repeats his "ground rules" suggestion, and our boys both tentatively agree.

Zhora's place. Brenda and her mother are getting ready to leave for the art show. Brenda prepares herself by moping on the divan, whereas Zhora is busy applying make-up and rolling a handful of joints (POT = ∞). Ever the enabler, Ma Chenowith happily offers her daughter a few fatties for the road. This forces Brenda to remind her mother that she's quit smoking pot, which in turn forces Zhora to take up the Alan Ball mantle of Staunch Defender Of All Things Weed. "I'm just curious, honey," she inquires, "what makes you think that was such a problem for you?" She further accuses Brenda of getting caught up in some "twelve-step Christian dogma," but Brenda insists that "taking on other people's dogma" has never been a problem for her. There's probably a compulsive barking joke in there somewhere, but I can't seem to find that one either. "You do tend to overdramatize yourself," says Zhora, apropos of nothing. "And I'm sorry, sweetie, but I've known you for a really long time." Brenda is all, "Thanks for your support, MOM," and Zhora eventually seems to notice that she's gone too far. They're just about to reach a level of moderate rapprochement when Billy enters to remind them that his car is double-parked outside. "I just have to do one final coat," says Ma, before heading into the bathroom to re-compose herself. Billy takes a seat beside his sister, and quickly notices that she's upset about something. "I'm sick of being so fucking conscious all the time," she sighs. "It's like I'm this incredibly boring, watered-down version of myself." "I know what you mean," he answers. So do I, Brenda. So do I. As they all make their way out the door, Zhora can't resist one last crack. "You know that shirt might actually work if you got rid of the bra," she tells her daughter. "Oh, yeah?" replies Brenda. "That skirt might actually work if you got rid of that ass." Hmm. I wonder if the Waltons ever had conversations like that.

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