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Back at the Formaldehyde Fortress, Nate is making final preparations for the DGDJ's funeral. In the background, The Late Nate has made himself comfortable in a chair. He turns around to provide his usual brand of quirky, quasi-metaphysical thoughts on death, prompting Nate to remark, "You know, you'd think getting hammered by a bus would make you a little less of a dick." Late Nate says that it's possible that there is life after death, but it's also possible that there isn't. "You'll never know, buddy boy, until it's your turn." Suddenly Mare makes the de rigueur ironic entrance. "You see, that's what you were holding on to," she says, before explaining that her husband is still present in the room. Nate turns to ask if maybe she also senses the presence of his father. Despite the fact that the camera pans right past him and the Mark Snow-esque soundtrack clues us in to some supernatural hijinks, Mare says no. "But that doesn't mean he's not here," she adds. "This room is packed. I can't get to everyone." David comes in to tell them that the funeral is ready to start, and Mare suddenly senses that one of them is expecting a child. Nate says it's not him, and David "seriously doubts" that it might be him. "I'm not sure which one of you I'm reading, but I'm quite sure there's going to be a child here very soon." Okay, who can guess what's coming next? I called it before she even finished the sentence. Yep. In walks Rico, baby in hand. A relieved Nate introduces him, and Mare compliments Rico for making "his body look very nice." Rico overshares about tissue decay in cancer patients, and then Nate hustles him out of the room.

At the funeral proper, some random guy reads a poem from Walt Whitman. Too bad that wasn't in the last scene, so I could make a joke about Rico, the baby, and the cradle endlessly rocking. Oh well. Nate and his Dead Dad are standing in the back of the room, and The Late Nate claims that he's just there to help Live Nate adjust to his death. "I am used to it, Dad," replies Nate. "It's been six months." "Seven," comes the obvious answer, "But not that you're counting." Nate looks up suddenly, as if he's just realized that his relationship with Brenda started on the night his father died. Perhaps he should re-watch the pilot.

After the ceremony, Nate finds Claire waiting for him in the lobby. She looks nervous and asks if they can talk, but suddenly David interrupts them to inform Nate that Bobo has sold out to Kroehner. "Bobo sold? My Bobo?" asks Nate. "You think he's got a plastic screw in his anus about now?" asks Nate. He leaves to go call Bobo, and Lauren sighs in frustration. She also apparently doesn't want to discuss her problems with David, because she heads back upstairs.

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