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Give me Lauren or give me death

Alan Ball: Shut-The-Hell-Upville.
Aaron: Yo! I'm working here. What's the big idea?
Alan Ball: Come on. You're kidding, right? I mean, Top Twelve lists? Talk about de rigueur irony.
Aaron: Yeah, well, they got more votes than you.
Alan Ball: Oh, please. Everyone knows Pontoon rigged that poll. It shouldn't even count.
Aaron: Hey! Back off, bitch! Nobody talks about my forum posters like that. Nobody but me, that is.
Alan Ball: Whatever. Incidentally, you know why they call you Aaron?
Aaron: Because my parents spent too much time reading the Bible?
Alan Ball: Nope. It's 'cause you got air in your head. You know, where your brain should be.
Aaron: Wow.
Alan Ball: I'll say.
Aaron: That may very well be the lamest name joke ever.
Alan Ball: Oh, I think "Mommie Leerest" already snagged that crown.
Aaron: Moron.
Alan Ball: Loser.
Aaron: Hack.
Alan Ball: Well then, why don't you go watch an infomercial and buy yourself a Slowbee, Mr. Slow Guy.
Aaron: Yeah, well, why don't you go watch The Usual Suspects and see what a real Kevin Spacey movie is like, Mr. American Doodie.
Alan Ball: Okay, that's it, bag-boy! You're fired!
Sars: Hey! Back off, bitch! Nobody talks to my recappers like that. Nobody but me, that is.
Aaron: Aww. Thanks, Sars.
Sars: Oh, you shut up too. In fact, you're both fired. I'm calling Gustave.

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