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Formaldehyde Fortress. A nifty little twisting shot shows us Mommie Drearest, staring blankly at an empty pot while David walks into the kitchen behind her. After discovering that the director I mocked so mercilessly last week was Kathy Bates, I'm now forced to give credit where credit is due. I'll also say oops, sorry, Kathy. I loved you in The Late Shift. More importantly, I feared you in Misery, so, you know, please put down the sledgehammer. Anyway, David notices his mother's distraction, and plants a concerned kiss on her cheek as he heads downstairs to work.

Across town, Nate stops off at an auto-repair shop to pick up his car. He chats with the owner about The Late Nate, and is bewildered to learn that his dad talked about him a lot. Then he's shocked to hear Dad described as a "funny guy." When he pulls out his credit card, the owner tells him he doesn't have to pay, because The Late Nate buried the owner's brother in exchange for free oil changes. As the scene ends, Peter Krause runs through a mental list of synonyms for shocked and bewildered that he can attempt to emote before settling on what appears to be "flabbergasted." Back at the Fortress, Claire cruises through the kitchen on the way to school, shouting, "Have a nice day," to a still dazed Mommie Drearest as she passes. Only when the door slams shut does Ruth realize she's alone and snap out of her saucepan somnolence.

Das Sargzimmer im Fisherhaus. David is making arrangements with Bill Cobbs. Gripey Guy, as always, is griping. First he doesn't want to spring for a double plot in the cemetery, and then he demands that Hattie not be autopsied, embalmed, or otherwise altered before the viewing. David gently tries to explain the necessity of preparing the body. "After death, the body immediately begins to decompose. Much quicker than you might think. The skin begins to separate, there's quite an unpleasant odor…that's just the way it is, Mr. [Cobbs]." Bill finally relents and agrees to the embalming, but refuses to pay for it. Then he gripes some more. David rolls his eyes and offers to waive the fee. We then cut downstairs, and pan from Hattie's body on the table over to Nate, who is going through Dad's old ledgers in the back room. Looking up the garage owner's entry, he finds it marked with a red asterisk next to the word "paid." He flips through the book until he finds another funeral with the asterisk, and we fade to white as he jots down the address.

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