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Back at the eponymous room, Nate takes a long drag from a joint while The Late Nate pontificates about his life. Nate angrily interrogates his father. "What the hell is this place?…What the hell did you do here? Who are you?" "So many questions," replies Dad. "Why couldn't you ask them when I was STILL ALIVE?" After a nice music cue, Dad continues, "It's okay. I couldn't have answered most of them anyway. Unlike now. Now I'm a fucking prophet." And, as prophets often do, he claims to know the meaning of life. There's still more talk of how proud Dad was that Nate left town, including a mention of one of my favorite books of all time, Catch-22. If you read only one book this summer, make it the Fametracker one. But if you read two, try Catch-22. It's a major major major major good read. Nate asks Dad for the meaning of life, and The Late Nate leans in to whisper it in his ear. We don't hear what's said, which is fine, since any sensible person already knows that the meaning of life is forty-two. I mean, duh. Anyway, hearing the secret jerks Nate out of his dream, and we see him waking up alone in the room.

Fortress. Ruth is reorganizing the kitchen cabinets when she suddenly comes across a bottle of baby food. She presses it to her lips and bursts into tears.

Street corner. David and Tracy are packing up the tables from the lunch. "Oh, David," she says, "you make such a handsome deacon. All those old stiffs. Finally a dose of Viagra to the place. Oh, I don't mean that literally. Not like you'd need it." David tries brushing her off, but she asks about the fiancée. Having gotten busted before, he modifies the story to say that she broke his heart, and he's not interested in another relationship so soon. "Well, what if Cindy Crawford were to walk up to you and say, 'Just use me for sex'?" asks Tracy, and David claims (truthfully, I suppose) that he would say no. Tracy looks like she's about to cry. "Is it so wrong to want a little human contact? You're lonely too, I can tell." David harshes all over her moment by telling her off much more rudely than necessary. "Why don't you do us both a favor and go to a bar. Pick somebody up." Irony and Foreshadowing get into a vicious knife-fight in the background.

Cut to Billy's car, where he and Claire are macking a bit in the front seat. "I want to see you again," he says to her. "I want to be your own…personal…Creepy Jesus." Okay, not really on that last part. Claire agrees to see him again, but warns him, "I am not some skank for you to fuck…you do not want to mess with me." They kiss again, and my disgust at seeing another man (and such a creepy one at that) kissing my beloved Lauren forces me to recap the remainder of this scene thusly: Bark. Bark, bark bark bark. Bark bark bark, bark "bow-wow" bark, bark bark bark bark.

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