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I'm not dead yet! (It's just a flesh wound.)

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. On a night when Alias and even The X-Files were airing superlative episodes, HBO decided to offer up a three hour block consisting of the worst episode of The Sopranos ever, an extended documentary about a Jewish woman's unexplained obsession with vinyl home siding, and an episode of Six Feet Under that asks an almost unanswerable question: Are annoying people doing unpleasant things entertaining merely on the merits of their honest emotions, or are they just plain annoyingly unpleasant? Evidence would seem to suggest that it's the latter, although that's certainly never stopped Alan Ball in the past.

Oh, and speaking of the past, I'd like to take a quick break here to celebrate a monumental landmark. Last week was my fiftieth recap, and since God only knows when David Chase is going to get off his ass and do another season of The Sopranos, I may never make it to a hundred. So I just wanted to acknowledge a few of the people who got me this far: Sars, Wing Chun, Glark, Jessica, Strega, Rachael the Bible Scholar, Marc, Matt, Pooh, Miss Alli, Shack, Demian, and Gustave. You guys rock. So do all the other people I didn't mention by name, by the way. I'd also like to thank all you kids in the forums, especially those of you who've sucked up enough to earn a little award I like to call The Golden Pontoon: 100 watts, K-Town Girl, babyfishfel, pikajew, Myn, ebullient, Koenig (still got that shirt?), and Moya the Leviathan. What do you say we all move to Utah and get married? Oh, and I'll give a super-special Uncle Bob-style shout-out next week to the first person who can correctly name all fifty recaps. Now we'll find out who's been stalking me.

Jessica: So what are we doing in here again?
Strega: Oh, just a harmless little prank. You dip his hands in warm water, I'll remap his keyboard so that every key types the letter "Q."

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