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I'm not dead yet! (It's just a flesh wound.)

He's not calling Nate either, by the way, despite the prominent placement of phone in the foreground of Nate's desk. Rectangle Head is still hard at work on his legal documents when he hears a sound coming from the other room. He leans back to investigate, and is pleasantly surprised to find a little girl standing there. Stanley Kubrick, however, is NOT pleasantly surprised, and immediately begins calling his lawyers from the grave to find out if this dream sequence was plagiarized from The Shining. Without so much as an introduction, the little girl announces that Nate killed her. Then she starts chanting, "Redrum! Redrum!" and riding her tricycle around the Fortress. Okay, not really. She does, however, explain that she's the ghost of the baby Nate and Lisa aborted seven years earlier. "Don't get me wrong," she says. "I don't harbor any bad feelings. I'm pro-choice." Heh. She's then joined by another kid, who says he was miscarried by the "girl who worked at that Starbucks on Fremont," and then yet another, somewhat older girl, who would have been the child of Nate and his very first girlfriend. Why am I not surprised to learn that Nate is a serial abortionist? Hearing more laughter from the other room, he gets up to investigate, and finds a veritable horde of children waiting for him. Ruth strides through the scene, offering milk and cookies to the kids and an ominous smile to Nate. Finally, he turns to discover one last child standing in the corner, holding a glass of Ma Chenowith's sea anemone liqueur. "I know the secret to everything," says the kid. "But you'll never know it, because you killed us. Also, fire-walk with me. And there is no spoon."

Aaron: [Snore. Snurffle. Harrumph.] That's no spoon! That's a space station!
Strega: Huh?
Jessica: I think he's dreaming.

      Darth Ball: Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Sars has taught you well. Now, release your anger! Only your hatred can destroy me!
      Aaron Skycapper: I'll never join you!
      Darth Ball: If you only knew the power of the dark side. Obi-Sars never told you what happened to your father.
      Aaron Skycapper: She told me enough! She told me you killed him.
      Darth Ball: No, Aaron. I am your father.

Jessica: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Back at An Apartment To Be Named Later, Keith hangs up the phone and reports that Taylor's story was true. The guy died, and a description of the vehicle matches Karla's. "What do we do?" asks David. "What the hell do you think we do?" replies Keith.

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