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Here's another terrible thing to think about your partner: Is he almost done fucking me yet? And yet that's clearly exactly what Vanessa's thinking right now. She lies under Rico, looking bored and rolling her eyes while he makes all these disgusting O noises. She's not just thinking of England here; she's thinking of England, the colonies, the subcontinent, and Hong fucking Kong. He finally collapses on top of her and moans, "Whew, that was amazing." "That's nice, sweetie," Vanessa responds, looking at the ceiling. Rico rouses himself to kiss her shoulders, then her décolletage, and then begins to head for points south. Vanessa puts the kibosh on that right quick. "No, I'm good," she insists. And she wiggles out from under him to lie with her back to him. Rico regards her in confusion. Try bringing in another water bottle, Rico.

Nate and Brenda are in their bathroom, getting ready for bed, while Brenda tries to get Nate to share her righteous indignation over her mother's cheating on Olivier. "Don't you think she's depressing?" Nate thinks what's depressing is "living with some asshole who pontificates about art all the time." In other words, he approves. Or he's just jumping on any opportunity to disagree with Brenda, which also works, as we'll soon see. Brenda asks about Penelope. Like all of us, Nate asks who Penelope is. Brenda was suggesting it as a name for the baby if it's a girl. But Nate doesn't want to talk about baby names, and he's not especially nice about it either. I think Brenda could really relieve some of the tension here by suggesting the name "Corky."

Brenda follows him into the bedroom, where he goes on to bitch about how pretentious Penelope is. Brenda knows what the real issue is: "You want me to go to a doctor, make sure everything's all right with the baby, and if it isn't you want me to kill it?" Nate would really rather she didn't put it that way, but that's what he wants. "And I don't see what's wrong with that," he continues. "We can try again." Brenda sits own on the bed with her back to him as he goes on to tell her about his conversation with Maggie. Except it's not the conversation with Maggie that we saw. He puts all the emphasis on the difficulty and sacrifices and financial problems, the last of which she never said a word about. Which is tacky, but I think it would almost be tackier for him to let his crush talk him into something that his wife couldn't. "Did she regret having him?" Brenda says. Even Nate can't tell a lie that blatant, preferring to dodge the question. "You and I aren't Maggie," he says. "She's better than we are." "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Brenda snaps. Yeah, Nate. Are you ignoring the symbolism behind the fact that wonderful, perfect Maggie triggered a dream about you losing your family by calling in the middle of the night? Rather than addressing the question, Nate says it would be unfair to Maya to bring a sick child into the house. "I think Maya would love whoever this child is. She's a very loving person," Brenda insists pointedly. "Oh, unlike me?" Nate bitches. Brenda gets up, goes into the bathroom, and slams the door. Fade to white/another fight.

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