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Claire comes into the break room at the office, where Lawyer Ted is reading the paper and totally blocking the coffee machine. He obliviously makes her say "excuse me" so she can get at the java, and he moves about two feet away. Apropos of nothing, Claire admits that she was in fact an artist before she started working there. She explains that she dropped out of art school to spend more time creating, but she's been uninspired. "And now it sort of feels like maybe that's over, which is kind of scary." She says that that's how she's always defined herself, but it's also "freeing in a strange way." She says that's to answer Lawyer Ted's question from last night. Lawyer Ted says he's glad she told him. "Why?" Claire asks. "I don't know," Lawyer Ted says, with a big goofy smile that means "because it means I have a better chance to get into your pants than I thought." On that subject, he brings up Kirsten. "She and I had sex once, and we made out once, and that was that." Ah, disclosure. Very big with lawyers. He pleasantly takes his coffee and his leave. I kind of hope he's actually an undercover narc or something.

Rico comes home for lunch. Vanessa's already there, also having lunch. And reading a magazine again. "I'm not going to try to make love to you again, if that's what you're afraid of," he tells her grumpily. She just rolls her eyes at him. He asks what's going on; if they're back together, what about sex? Well, that's just it, Rico. Vanessa didn't say, "Let's get back together." She asked you to move back in because "the boys need you." Now she says, "You got what you're wanted, you're back in your house, what's the big fucking deal?" Rico rocks back at her anger. "Wow. You obviously still hate me." Yeah, it's so obvious that it's taken him this long to figure it out. Of course, this is Rico we're talking about. Vanessa doesn't deny it. Rico asks why she asked him to move back in if that's how she feels. I'd actually like to hear the answer to this. Rico might have agreed to move home to be a dad without husband privileges. Vanessa either doesn't realize that, or she didn't want to take the chance that he'd say no. Normally I'd say it's kind of tacky of her to let him think he's getting a full reconciliation when she doesn't have any intention of letting that happen, but it's not like she went all that far out of her way to deceive him. And it's still less tacky than cheating with a stripper. Vanessa looks guilty, and I settle in to hear her explanation. And then we cut away from them for the rest of the episode. What?

Ruth gets home, to find that George is already banging on the door to the back porch. "What gives you the right to say those things to my fiancée?" he yells at her through the storm door. "It's none of your business." "It was my business when I had to clean up your goddamn mess," Ruth hollers back. George: "You don't want to live with me; you don't want to let me go! What the hell do you want?" Ruth screams, "I don't know! I'm completely out of control, doing crazy things!…All I know is I hate you and I wish you would leave!" She stomps up the stairs while George yells at her to come back.

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