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"You dickwads went to my show!" Durrell accuses, holding up a flyer. He thinks he's pissed? My son got circumcised that day. Have some perspective, punk. David admonishes him for his language, and adds, "That was in my private Kenneth Cole shoebox. You know what we said about private things." I love how brand names convey an extra layer of privacy for David. A locked Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition would be like a bank vault to him. Durrell looks defeated, then asks if he was okay in the show. David excitedly says that Durrell was "an incredible elm tree. I totally believed you." Durrell smiles and starts to leave the room. Keith, who's been lurking in the background this whole time, calls, "Hey, what about me? Don't you want to know what I thought?" Durrell rolls his eyes and comes back. "You were amazing," Keith says, and suggests they go celebrate with some pie at Marie Callendar's. "Marie Callendar's is stupid," Durrell says. "Yes, that's true," Keith agrees, and tells Durrell to go get his brother and they'll go wherever Durrell wants. Durrell happily complies, and Keith and David share a warm smile. Aww. The moral? Always ignore what people tell you they want.

Nate stands in the doorway of the chapel, watching the silent worship. He thinks for a minute, then, because it's not like he has anyplace else to be, decides to try it himself. He closes his eyes. And he sees a vision of Brenda walking back into the maternity shop she was shopping at in the beginning of the episode. The ugly floral top she didn't buy is in the window now, probably to frighten birds and prevent them from crashing into the glass. Nate opens his eyes and looks at Maggie, who looks back at him from her chair with her typically ambiguous expression. And then, without closing his eyes again, Nate has a vision of Brenda coming out of the maternity shop, now wearing the ugly floral top. So Brenda's decided. Has Nate?

By the way, props to whoever took this week's minimalist closing theme music and mixed "We are plants / we are animals" in there. Nice touch. Now if you wouldn't mind taking a week or two off from getting songs stuck in my head, I'd really appreciate it.

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