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Parenting Is Hard

Brenda's at a maternity store, trying to decide between two ugly mommy tops. One is an ugly plain brown poncho, and the other is an ugly floral poncho. Her cell phone rings and she answers it while the saleslady steps away. We don't hear the other end of the conversation, but Brenda's expression goes from blissful to near-tragic in the space of a few "yeah"s. The saleslady comes back after Brenda's off the phone, asking her if she's decided (get it? "Have you decided?" that'll be important later). Brenda says she'll come back, and hits the door with no more ugly tops in her wardrobe than she owned when she came in.

Over at Fisher & The Guy Who's Always Sneaking Out For The Day, David and Nate whisper about the intake that just showed up without an appointment. Nate explains that the deceased is a friend of Maggie's from church. That's why she was crying last night? I thought George was dead or injured or crazy again or something. "Maggie's a Quaker?" David says with some surprise. Nate confirms it. What surprises me is that Maggie was so broken up about somebody from church that she couldn't have known for more than a couple of months. "George was a Quaker?" David asks. (Here's where I deleted the line, "Only after his ECT sessions." What? I deleted it!) Nate explains that Maggie converted when she got married. "What exactly are Quakers?" Nate asks. Rather than admitting he doesn't know, David begins, "They're very peaceful…" Nate scoffs that everyone knows that, and starts to answer his ringing cell phone as David asks where Rico is. "He said he had something important to do," Nate says. See?

Two guesses who Nate's and Brenda's respective phone calls were from, because we cut right to Brenda and Nate at the obstetrician's office. They're holding hands as the OB explains that even though the test came back positive for a serious disorder like Down's syndrome or spina bifida, "over 95% of babies who test positive have neither of those two things." "So what's the point of the test?" Nate asks. Excellent question. You'd get better results by flipping a coin. Although I guess negative results would have told them for sure. But there's still a way to be certain; the OB wants Brenda to get an amniocentesis the next day. "No need to panic yet," she says. "Yeah, right," Brenda says sarcastically, for some odd reason not all that jazzed about having a giant needle jabbed into her abdomen. What a killjoy.

So what's the important thing Rico had to do? Vanessa, of course. She's sitting on the sofa at home and flipping through a magazine when he comes in the front door and slips off his suit jacket. He says he got off work for a few hours, "because I knew it was your day off." Vanessa complains about the errands and tasks filling her "day off" (just like they do everyone's day off) as Rico comes up behind her and kisses her on the neck. She shrinks from him like he's contagious as he claims he's trying to relax her. "I can relax myself," she says shortly. Hmm, what kind of magazine is she reading there? Did she get it from David's house? She then gives Rico some boring household task to take care of, which, in case you forgot, is the entire reason she let him move back home in the first place. "Sure," says Rico, disappointed. On the bright side, at least now Rico won't get busted from showing up back at work with JBF hair.

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