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Parenting Is Hard

Meanwhile, their respective parents are hanging out in George's apartment. Ruth is sitting on the edge of the couch with her coat on and her purse strap over her shoulder, so it's no surprise when she tells George to drop the small talk and cut to the chase. He starts into a big speech, and she says she's not getting back together with him. But he says he knows, and he wants a divorce. "Well, of course that's what I want too," she claims. All they have to do is live separately for six months and then file the papers. But George doesn't want to wait that long. To Ruth's growing incredulity, he says one of them can fly to Haiti for the weekend and take care of it faster, saying it'll be "better for [their] psyches." "You want to fly to Haiti for a quickie divorce just for our psyches?" Ruth asks. George gets even more serious, and drops the bomb that he's engaged. Ruth's mouth drops open with a nearly audible clang, and then the only way she can close it is to suck on her bottom lip while George tells her all about his new fiancée, a professor he met at work. "We were both raised in Missouri," George concludes. So, clearly, it was meant to be. Where's she been all his life? Ruth says she should have expected this: "Boy, I am some fool all right." I feel her there; nobody said George had to stop at seven wives, did they? George says he's in love. Ruth gets up to go, and George offers to talk about her feelings. "Strangely enough, I don't think I have any," she says, and leaves. Poor Ruth. How can she run away if he won't chase her?

And back to the funeral home, where Nate has apparently already spilled everything to Maggie. She tells him everything will be okay, even if it's not. Wow, being a Quaker sounds easy. Nate asks, "How can you of all people say that?" There he goes again. Maggie tells Nate about her son's terminal illness; the fear, the shots, the screaming, the useless operations, "but all the horrible things don't take away from what he gave me…he was here such a short time, and I feel incredibly lucky that I got to know him." Nate doesn't look convinced.

Keith's over at the Pasqueasel's house, trying to get the regular kid's take on parents going to school functions. But there aren't any of those in the house, so he's asking the Pasqueaslets instead. They support Keith's opinion that they should respect Durrell's wishes, although they use a lot of psychobabble in the process. "I gotta write these things down for David," Keith says, groping in his pockets for pen and paper. Female Pasqueaslet says she'll take care of it. Keith thanks her. Those kids are weird.

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