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Ruth is clock-watching again, only this time she's got a full fifty-three minutes before it'll be her turn to eat. Incidentally, this recap is now exactly fifty-three minutes late. I live for those little coincidences. She finally allows her hunger to conquer her propriety, and she heads downstairs to find Arthur cooking up his lunch on the stove. "Oh, I'm sorry," he says. "Did I read the chart wrong? I thought you initialed the late lunch?" Heh. She explains that she just got hungry, and he seems genuinely happy to have the company. "Would you like a little frittata?" he asks. Well, who wouldn't? Just as they're about to sit down to eat, we hear a mousetrap spring shut off-screen, and they both walk over to check it out. "I was just fooling around," claims Arthur. "I never dreamed it would actually work. And it wasn't even my cheese." Then he delivers the kicker: "On the other hand, they have germs. They really do deserve to die." Bwa! These two were made for each other, I tell you! I want them to fall in love and live happily ever after and have millions and millions of repressed, anal-retentive babies!

David is making his own lunch back at his apartment when Keith finally drags himself out of bed to join him in the kitchen (StR = 3,225). In response to David's query, Keith explains that he got home so late the previous night because he was out driving around just "thinking" about things. So that's what the kids are calling it these days. He also reveals that he's decided to find a new job, because the security guard thing "was supposed to be temporary, but it's really starting to not feel that way." They also have a nice little chat about David's concert, and things actually seem to going pretty well for these two. Which means, of course, that they'll probably break up before Nate and Lisa do.

And finally, we cut to Nate, cruising down a darkened highway with the stereo blasting and Aaron in the passenger seat. He gets just enough time to stick his head out the window to howl at the moon before the subtextually relevant portion of the song's lyrics finally kicks in. "I'm not dead yet!" wails a testicle on the soundtrack as we smash cut to the Fortress driveway, where Nate is sneaking one final cigarette before he goes in to face his wife. And then we slowly fade to white as geeks all across America sing, "It's just a flesh wound!"

Aaron: [flick] Ahh…
Alan Ball: Those things will kill you, you know.

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