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They'll never find the body

When we fade back up, there's a strange young man who may or may not be a distant cousin of The Addams Family wandering through the Formaldehyde Fortress. He makes his way down to The Body Shoppe, where Rico identifies him as "Arthur" and chides him for showing up "a little early." "Actually I was a lot early," answers Arthur. "So I walked around the block for a while. An elderly woman who was almost completely bald told me to get off her lawn." Heh. Bald women are always funny. Plus, they're good for my self-esteem. When Arthur asks what it was that made Rico decide to hire him, Rico explains that they thought he would "fit in" better than the others because of the way he spoke about his great aunt Pearl, who raised him after his parents died in a house fire. She "gave up everything for me," Arthur says proudly. "She home-schooled me." " Yeah, you seem a little…home-schooled," answers Rico. Hee! And also, wow! This is two weeks in a row that Rico has been likable. I mean, what's next? The return of a repentant Brenda? Yeah, right. Like that'll ever happen. Rico returns to the corpse he's been working on, muttering that "these collagen lips are such a bitch." Arthur is hilariously mortified (and do you get it? "Mortified"?) by this profanity, and admits that Aunt Pearl would have "tarred" him for using language like that. Oh, I think it's safe to say that Arthur is going to fit in here just fine, don't you think? And just to prove that point, here comes Ruth, asking Rico if he knows where Nate might be. If you look closely, you can actually see Arthur's face light up at the presence of a matronly authority figure. Insert your own Harold & Maude joke here, which many of you have actually already done.

The reason Rico doesn't know where Nate is, by the way, is that Nate is out shopping for CDs on company time. His bill totals $62.90 (and after the whole "Book Soup" thing, I'm totally trying to remember if we've ever seen Nate listening to music before), and for some reason his credit card requires approval from the store manager. At first I figured that Lisa must have put some kind of block on it, but then the manager comes out and it's actually Lisa herself, so I guess this must be a dream sequence. We haven't had that many this season, so you can understand why I might have been confused. "What are you doing?" shouts Manager Lisa. "Do you even listen to me when I talk, or do you just hear static every time I open my mouth?" Sadly, my best efforts to program the TiVo to do exactly that have failed miserably every time. But don't think I won't keep trying. "How on Earth do you expect Maya to go to college?" continues Lisa. "You're throwing everything we have together away for fucking Beck?!" Heh. She's a loser, Nate! So why don't you kill her?

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