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Nate, meanwhile, is showing Brenda a picture of Maya The Leviathan. And I'm not kidding when I tell you that the kid's head takes up more than three-quarters of the frame. Frankly, I'm surprised that thing isn't affecting the tides at this point. He asks what Brenda has been up to, and she runs off a lengthy list of towns she visited during her absence before revealing that she's moved back in with Ma Chenowith. "It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life," she adds. Insert your own "I doubt that's true" double entendre here. Gee, does anyone else think it might be symbolic that they've been sitting on the hood of a wrecked automobile throughout all this? Yeah. That's what I thought. Anyway, the mechanic comes over to propel the plot…er, "tell them that he needs a half hour to fix the hearse," and Brenda suggests that they adjourn to a nearby restaurant to get a drink.

Which is precisely what they do. They're actually the only ones in the entire place, and now it's Nate turn to spill all the gory details on what he's been up to since last season. Seeing as how he uses the word "prison" at least twice during his explanation, and also can't come up with any superlatives better than "safe" to describe his marriage, I think we can fairly assume that even Brenda has noticed that things aren't going very well in Nate World. Then again, if anyone were to ask me what I've been doing since last season, I'd have to use the word prison a few times myself. But that's another story, and I'm more than happy to let the Couch Baron be the one to tell it. Anyway, Brenda gets in some quick psychobabble here to let us know that she really is back, and Nate responds with a quick "fuck" of his own just so that we know he's already slipping back into his old ways. Then the waiter comes by to check on them, and he not-so-subtly tries to look down the front of Brenda's shirt as he hovers over her. Like any guy would, Nate notices this immediately, but it's a toss-up as to whether he's thinking that Brenda might have slept with the guy or that Lisa never seems to get those kinds of looks. My money is on the latter, but Brenda never was much of a fickle beast back in the day, so who really knows? Once the waiter departs, Brenda finally gets down to the point of this little visit. "I apologize for having sex with other people while being in a committed relationship with you," she says. "For not showing up to our shared reality by altering my consciousness with various substances." Flick…ahh. Nate realizes that she's making amends, and Brenda admits that she's still involved with a twelve-step program. "My life is very complicated right now," she sighs. "Yeah, well, whose isn't?" answers Nate, as he reaches for the check. Not mine, I can assure you of that.

Back in The Lean Green Corpse Machine, Claire is still listening to Olivier babble on and on about his failed, tragic romance with the older blah blah zzzzzzz. You know what? I've got one word for you, Olivier, and it ain't "plastics." And actually, it's two words. Sing it with me, kids: "Shut up." Hoping to plant the seeds for a future sleazy seduction, he offers Claire this little bit of life advice: "If you get lonely, have sex. But if you meet somebody who you think means something to you, you're doomed." Yeah, yeah. Just remember that sentiment later, when Claire dumps my greasy doppelganger.

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