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A Matter of Life and Death

More teases. Vanessa finds Rico at home, and tells him that something is wrong with the baby. They rush off to the hospital. At this point, who didn't already know that the episode would end with Rico holding a healthy baby?

Back in Vegas, David emerges from the hotel to find Brenda and Nate packing up the car for the return trip. "Did you have fun with the guys?" asks Brenda, but David is too hung over to formulate a reply. "Let's just get the hell out of here," he says, before crawling into the back seat and falling asleep against a suitcase. Nate, however, has apparently been following Ed Begley's advice, and is now driving an irony-powered car as he opines that "somebody got lucky last night."

Ruth now makes a triumphant return of her own. She's back at Nikolai's shop, putting together a flower arrangement that's marginally better than any of her previous work, but still ugly as hell. Nikolai, however, likes it quite a bit, and is even more impressed when Ruth shows him her certificate from flower class. He announces that she'll be doing the arrangements today, and Robbie will have to work the register. Robbie tries to protest, but Nikolai cuts him off. "Do you have diploma from flower school?" he asks, and despite his twenty years of professional flower arranging experience, Robbie is forced to say no. He simpers off once again to work the register.

Story line wrap-ups continue as Claire goes to visit Gabe again. His mom has left to return to her job, but Gabe is excited to announce that he'll be getting out that afternoon. Claire climbs onto the bed with him, looks deep into his eyes, and announces that she loves him. Argh! Noooooooooooo! Gabe says that he loves her right back, and while some have questioned whether or not he really would have said that, I simply wonder how anyone could think someone wouldn't love Lauren Ambrose. On the other hand, I've come to realize that the Fishers pretty much all have horrible taste in prospective mates. I mean, you've got a lying foot-fetishist, a quasi-psycho questionable genius, a male prostitute, a drug-addled square dancer, and worst of all, Ed Begley Jr. Suddenly, my love life is looking pretty good.

Back at the Brotherfucking Boudoir, Nate and Brenda are reviewing their vacation photos. Keep in mind, by the way, that Vanessa has ostensibly been in labor this whole time, while these guys drove back from Vegas, got unpacked, had their photos developed, and kicked back to relax and review them. No wonder Rico is concerned about her health. Nate is suddenly disturbed by several of the photos, and when Brenda examines them, we see that they're pictures of the two of them sleeping. Obviously, they were taken by Billy The Super Sibling Stalker. I won't even bother with all the "how did he get into their room?" and "how come the flash didn't wake them?"-type questions, and simply point out that this guy is a way worse stalker than I could ever be. Take that, Lauren's lawyers. Brenda is truly freaked out by all this, and it's all Nate can do to try and comfort her as she comes to terms with the fact that her brother is a freak.

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