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A Matter of Life and Death

Cut from Brenda's sobbing and heavy breathing to Vanessa's sobbing and heavy breathing, as the Longest Labor Ever is still ongoing. In fact, it's gotten so bad that the doctors have decided to do a C-section. The doctor announces that the baby is a boy, and asks whether they've come with a name. "Augusto," answers Vanessa, and even though she claims it's after her father, we all know that's a shout-out to Gustave. Hell, he'll probably land the Rick Cleveland interview now, too. There's much tension in the room as the baby is pulled out, and suddenly the heart monitor starts doing the Long, Endless Beep Of Impending Televised Death. Gustave, do me a favor and ask Rick if he's sure he never wrote for ER, okay? They take the baby over to the table where they always take sick babies in hospital dramas, and Michael Engler milks the scene for every second of tension he can squeeze out before the rapidly approaching 10:30 deadline. Finally, the baby starts crying, and everyone is happy and smiling as he's brought over to "meet the parents." Vanessa laughs and announces that Augusto "is so pissed off," and Rico giddily kisses his baby's fingers and toes as we fade to white.

Don't go anywhere folks: the season finale is coming right up. The biggest unanswered question? How the hell is Aaron going to write two recaps in one week, when he can barely get one done now? ["Especially since the finale is two hours long? Hee hee...." -- Wing Chun] You won't want to miss this.

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