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A Matter of Life and Death

Over at Brenda's Brotherfucking Boudoir, Brenda and Nate are getting their 8:00 AM wake-up call from the very brother in question. He's ranting into her answering machine, and since the relative merits of, you know, TURNING DOWN THE VOLUME have already been done to death in the forums, I'll just move on with the recap. Billy explains that he doesn't just "need" Brenda, he "NEEDS" Brenda, and she says "fuck you, Billy" about a million billion times in reply. Then Nate wakes up and eyes a surprisingly stoic Brenda as Billy screams that she's a bitch and finally hangs up the phone. At this point, we move squarely into the exposition exhibition, as Nate reminds Brenda that he's off to "Vegas, baby!" for the Western States Funeral Directors Conference, where he desperately hopes to confront Gilardi about burning down the house across the street. In a pun so unfortunate and obscure that you'd think I wrote it, Brenda describes the whole Gilardi situation as an "ongoing pissing contest." Gee, I can't wait to see the photos from that one. Anyway, Nate starts getting dressed, but now that the show has firmly established its fan base, he doesn't even bother flashing the Trapezoid Butt anymore. He's got no qualms whatsoever, however, about showing off the foreboding primeval forest of chest hair that he's just now sheathing. Nate finishes up his exposition responsibilities by adding that David is nervous about some big speech he'll be giving, because it was originally scheduled to be delivered by The Late Nate, and David has agreed to step in. What convention schedules speakers eight months in advance? I'm going to one this weekend, and the only thing definite on the agenda so far is that we'll be sitting in the smoking section at all the restaurants. As Nate heads out of the bedroom, he promises to call Brenda, unless he's "flailing about in the pool having sex with some showgirl." Wow. An actual, bona fide, Showgirls shout-out. I didn't think anyone actually did that anymore. But as we'll learn later, this one was no fluke, girl.

Das Sargzimmer. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper (parents of Baby Dillon) are seated on the sofa, with David and Nate facing them. Rick Cleveland and Michael Engler proceed to run down pretty much their entire clipboard checklist of SFU Standards in this one single scene. Basically, David acts all stuffy and only cares about making the arrangements and setting the price, while Nate gets all touchy-feely and uses his "gift" to console the grieving parents. And, of course, it's all shot with, like, no depth-of-field whatsoever. Then again, it is the perfect introduction for all the new viewers this show seems to have pulled in over the past couple of weeks. I mean, the forums are going crazy, people! Crazy, I say! Anyway, the point of the scene is supposed to be that the parents didn't know people had funerals for babies that young, but somehow it ends up coming off like they couldn't even grasp that the baby was dead in the first place.

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