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A Matter of Life and Death

Before I can really care about any of that, however, we cut downstairs to the Body Shop, where Rico has made his triumphant return. The bad news is that he's immediately presented with Baby Dillon's corpse to embalm. Nate pats him on the shoulder and delivers a sarcastic "welcome back," but Rico can't seem to take his eyes off the body. David anal retentives a bunch of information about their Vegas trip and all the rules to follow while they're away, but the camera just slowly pushes in on Rico as he continues to focus on the baby.

Later, David is in his room packing. Ruth enters, and discovers David's suitcase hanging from the same bolt in the ceiling to which he was chained in her bondage vision. Bwah! Frances Conroy's reaction shot here makes me giggle every single time I watch it. She announces that she brought David some t-shirts, and that they're even "still warm from the dryer." Of course they are. You've got, like, seven thousand laundry machines in that house, and God only knows how many there are in the garage. Mom sits down on the bed, and notices both an open condom wrapper on the floor, and a bottle of what I'm just going to assume is some form of lubricant. David suddenly spots the mess he's left, and kicks the wrapper under the bed while simultaneously using the t-shirts to hide the lube. Incidentally, the MBTV SFU t-shirts are a great conversation starter. That Grim Reaper on the front is usually the perfect expression for my mood. You guys should all buy, like, nineteen of them right away. Mommie Drearest finally screws up enough courage to pose the big question, saying, "I just want to know. Are you..." Before she can say the dreaded G-word, however, David interrupts to suggest that they wait to have this conversation until after he returns from Vegas. Ruth thinks that's the best idea she's ever heard, and quickly hustles out of the room.

Out in front of the Fortress, Claire is pacing on the porch. She's on the phone with Gabe's SadMom, and all we hear is her side of the conversation as she learns that Gabe has been found in a hospital somewhere. As Thomas Newman kicks in the plucky, synthesized Chords of Impending Conflict, Claire dashes off the porch and right into a shot of the Lean Green Corpse Machine squealing out of the driveway.

The flower shop. Ruth arrives, and is immediately told by Nikolai The Boss Guy that she's ten minutes late. Nikolai doesn't really care about her being late, but he does say that they need to talk, and that "it's about [her] work." "I said I was sorry for being late," replies Ruth. Aww. Not because I'm worried that she's going to get fired or anything, but because it reminds me of every conversation I've ever had with Sars. Nikolai explains that Ruth sucks at flower arranging, and that from now on she'll work the register while Robbie does the arranging. Robbie, by the way, is played by Joel Brooks, an actor who, if he hasn't already, will no doubt one day be ending up on the losing side of a 2 Stars 1 Slot Battle of the Stereotypically Semitic Sissies with Harvey Fierstein. Ruth tries to argue, but Nikolai shuts her down, and the scene ends as Robbie smirks and simpers past the camera.

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