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A Matter of Life and Death

In the Fortress driveway, Nate and David are packing up the car. Nate asks whether David is going to "nail Gilardi for that arson job in [his] speech." Whatever. About the only thing that could liven up the Gilardi plot line at this point would be if Nate asked David if he was just going to "nail Gilardi," and left it at that. Although, I do think I've at least figured out why they're resurrecting this one from the subplot subbasement (tm Sobell -- and why not? It's Vegas, baby!). I'm laying 25-1 odds that Gilardi is next season's Big Bad. David declares that he doesn't want Nate to do anything confrontational, and Nate is forced to remind him that David once threatened to kill Gilardi and his entire family. Suddenly, Brenda appears in her Not-At-All-Lean Green Machine, and announces that she'll be joining them on their trip. Nate responds with a questionably enthusiastic, "Uh, great," which is pretty much how I felt about this development as well. Brenda explains that she needs to get out of town for a while, and Michael C. Hall somehow manages to look incredibly cute doing nothing more than popping the trunk with his key-chain remote.

As Nate and Brenda hug in the driveway, the Ironic Segue Fairy overdubs Rico shouting, "Oh my God! Is that a penis?" Oh, if I only had a nickel for every time a girl had said that to me. If I did, I'd probably only need to borrow a quarter to buy a stamp. And you can insert your own Austin Powers 2 joke here, because I'm on a tight deadline, and that movie sucked ass anyway. ["You suck ass! That movie rules!" -- Wing Chun] Rico and Vanessa are at the doctor's office, and the aforementioned penis is appearing on an ultrasound or a sonogram or whatever they call that big mass of undifferentiated white dots that my pregnant co-worker keeps insisting is a picture of her baby. The OB/GYN explains that the baby is fine, but warns Vanessa that she has a touch of pre-eclampsyia. Hmm. Did Rick Cleveland ever write for ER by any chance, or was it just The West Wing? The doctor then lays all kinds of warnings and orders for bed rest on Vanessa, while simultaneously insisting that everything will be just peachy keen. I know we're supposed to be worried that something bad is going to happen to Rico's baby, but until I see some actual brother-fucking in the Brotherfucking Boudoir, I'm not gonna believe anything these guys hint at anymore.

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