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A Matter of Life and Death

Vegas montage. To my eternal dismay, the IMD Fairy passes on the chance to use The Who as background music. Finally we see Nate, David, and Brenda walking along the street. Brenda loves Vegas because it's the most artificial place on Earth, even more so than Disney World, or even Japan. Some guy hands them each a flier for an escort service, and Brenda immediately starts perusing the catalog of offerings. She notes the little cartoon explosions being used to censor the pictures of the models' private parts, and says it looks like all the girls are "farting." Thanks, Brenda. That's just lovely. ["Yeah. It's so tasteless of her to spoil the porn like that." -- Wing Chun] David subtly pockets his copy, and then says he's heading back to the room to make an early night of it. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," he tells Nate, who replies, "Yeah, not likely." Heh. As Nate and Brenda walk off in the other direction, she racks up Showgirls shout-out #2 by announcing that she wants to get herself a lap dance. Rick, Rick, Rick. You've been a very naughty boy. We watch the lovers walk off through the mist of giant fountain, and then suddenly (dun DUN dun!) Billy appears, fixing us with his best Creepy Jesus glare as the music swells and we fade to white.

Fade up on Gabe, waking up the next morning in the hospital. He looks over to see Claire, still seated by his bedside. And get this -- she's reading a hockey magazine. See? It's a sign from the heavens. Lauren and I were obviously meant to be together. Claire explains that she's dragged her ass all the way out to Barstow, which she describes as "Bumfuck, Egypt," and she's not going to give up and go home just because Gabe whines a little. She further explains that MeanMom went out for more cigarettes (Hmm. Don't mind if I do. [Flick] Ahhhhh.), and that Claire hasn't told anyone that Gabe was really trying to commit suicide. After Gabe complains about the quality of the hospital food, Claire tosses a bag onto the bed and says that she brought him an Egg McMuffin because she knows they're his favorite. Okay, now that's just weird. Egg McMuffins are my favorite, too. It's almost like she's stalking me, people.

Back in The Body Shop, a silent Rico is still contemplating his restoration task. He pulls out a scalpel, but he can't bring himself to make an incision. Incidentally, StC = 965, so I gave this episode an A-.

It seems that Ruth has decided to improve her flower arrangement skills by signing up for a class at the Learning Annex. It's taught by Mary Gross, who informs her students that if they have any time left after their breathing exercises at the end of class, they'll be trying to create a "spiky" arrangement as well. Given her obvious resemblance to Brenda (and by the way, I heart the casting director for this show), I wonder whether maybe that's supposed to be some sort of a bangs joke. Mary explains that certain flowers need "TLC -- Tough Loving Care," and proceeds to smash up some stems with a hammer. She asks the class whether anyone knows why she's doing that, and only Ruth can answer. Believe me, Ruth is thrilled about that, too. ["The reason is, in case anyone cares, because the particular flower has a woody stem, and if you split it vertically, the flower will take up more water." -- Wing Chun] At Mary's command, all the ladies pick up their hammers and start whaling away at their stems. Wow. There is some serious pent-up aggression in that room.

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