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Death: The High Cost of Living

Cut to the corner in question. Nate stands beside the self-referential "Accident" bench we saw last week as he recounts his meeting with Gilardi. Nate thinks that they should sell. "And erase everything this family has worked for for fifty years?" wonders David. "That might not be a bad thing, " says Nate. Okay, I'm really having trouble reconciling their attitude with what we've seen of their father, and while I know I've been harping on that a lot lately, it's because at this point they've moved out of the realm of the mysterious and suspenseful, and into the Land of Crappy Characterization. Hey, speaking of which, here's Brenda, arriving on a city bus. Nate introduces David, and then she invites them to board the bus. "This is the bus," she tells them. "The bus." Nate speaks for everyone watching at home as he says, "Brenda, this isn't funny. This is fucked up. What gives you the right to do something like this?" David, however, slowly sits down, and seems to be experiencing some closure. Nate sits beside him, and David struggles to put his thoughts into words. As the bus starts moving, we see a much younger-looking Nathaniel Sr. standing on the street, happily holding his little sons. Adult Nate Jr. slowly takes David's hand, and as Brenda smiles at her super-shrink abilities, we slowly fade to white. Oh, and here's the final Potential Gimmick (#5): The Top Twelve List. Why top twelve? Well, let's just say it's got all the alliteration of a Top Ten, but this way there're fewer lawsuits. So without any further ado, and straight from the home office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, MBTV proudly presents:

The Top Twelve Reasons This Scene Sucked

12. Neither Keanu nor Sandra is present. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing.
11. An accident bad enough to total the hearse like that would have left that bus out of commission as well. There hasn't been enough time to get it back in service.
10. I don't know about you, but if a woman I just met surprised me by inviting me and my emotionally volatile sibling to take a ride in the vehicle that killed our father, I would run far, far away, and never, ever come back.
9. Hi. You know, you might want to let the camera guy know there are f-stops higher than 2.2.
8. Brenda is standing in front of the yellow line while the bus is in motion.
7. How the hell did she find that specific bus? She never saw the number, and it's not the same route where the accident took place, or the boys would have known about it.

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