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Death: The High Cost of Living

Aaron: Ooh! Ooh! Me me me me me me!
Kenny: Aaron, we've already discussed this. I said no.
Aaron: Come on, please? Just once?
Kenny: No. Now, don't say it.
Aaron: But...
Kenny: Do. Not. Say. It.
Kenny: You bastard.

At the Fisher Home -- or as I'll now be calling it, The House of Stiffs (get it? Because they have the corpses, and also the family is all like dysfunctional and stiff with each other? Yeah, I know. I'll try to have something better next week) -- both David and Nate are returning from their respective nights on the town. Nate teases his brother a bit, making clever (okay, not really) usage of the HAL 9000 voice from 2001. Get it? Because the guy's name in the movie was Dave? If you don't get it, don't worry. The writers will be helpfully explaining it for you in another ninety seconds or so. ["I was actually grateful for that since, at first, Krause's HAL sounded more like Hannibal Lecter." -- Wing Chun] Inside, Mom watches her boys through the window, and then returns to scrubbing her peaches in the sink. Nate enters, grocery bag in hand, and suggests that she try the hydroponic raspberries he bought from a friend. Mom takes this as a slam against her own fruit (and no, I don't mean Ed Begley Jr.). Claire enters, there's more will-related exposition, and then Mom freaks out about everyone "staying out all night," and leaves. Dave enters, and we get the previously promised explanation of the whole HAL 9000 thing. Nate also offers him a hydroponic raspberry "grown by a guy named Gunther who once slept with Stevie Nicks." Claire and the entire North American viewing population simultaneously reply, "Eww." No kidding. I'd rather sleep with Stevie Van Zandt. But only if he's got the Silvio hair on. Nate inquires as to whom Dave's little friend might be, wondering if he and "Jennifer" have gotten back together. More knowing looks from Claire as she defends David and insists that he doesn't have to answer these questions. David looks mildly shocked, but does thank Claire for her intervention. Fortunately, the doorbell rings, thus preventing further bastardization of Kubrick's finest work (especially since it seems Spielberg may well have cornered the market on that one). As David goes to answer it, Claire asks Nate why he hasn't gone back to Seattle. "Because I would miss the joyful sense of belonging I get here," he replies, and that is so exactly the same thing I say every time I visit my parents and sister.

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