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Tempus Fuckit

Pan down onto a quiet trailer park. The magic of editing brings us inside one of the packed-together mobile homes. A still-life video montage gives us clues to the pleasant life that's about to end therein: TV "personalities" jabbering away cheerfully on the morning show. Kettle on the stove. Coffee in the filter, gardening gloves next to them. Shelves and shelves of tchotchkes. The sound of the toilet lid going up in the bathroom. Christmas cards. Photos. Knitting. The sound of a book hitting the floor in the bathroom. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People on the linoleum. The teakettle whistling. The old lady on the terlet with her pants around her ankles. So long, Lila Simonds Coolidge (1909-2005). Don't be embarrassed about the way you ended up going out. It was good enough for Elvis.

Forget about all that hippy-dippy Circle of Life crap, because tonight? Life is a line and you're going to like it. And we now go from one end of that line to the other, as symbolized by the used pregnancy test sitting out on the counter of an entirely different bathroom, namely Nate's. We can't see what the results might be, and shirtless Nate isn't interested anyway. He's more interested in his current spot at some arbitrary midpoint between the two ends of the Line of Life. He closely inspects his face in the mirror, trying different expressions one after another. He looks like he's trying to read his reflection's mind, but of course, he ends up quitting, because it's too hard.

When Nate comes out to the kitchen fully dressed in his suit and tie, Brenda and Maya are waiting for him. At Brenda's prompting, Maya lisps, "Happy biff-dayyYYYY!." Okay, that was cute. Nate thanks and kisses the women in his life. Brenda, in particular, seems to be waiting for more from him, but he moves on, oblivious to both her attitude and the bulge that's pushing out the front of her already bulky sweater. Brenda, you're supposed to take the pregnancy test before you start showing. Otherwise you're just wasting twelve bucks. And, okay, I know Rachel Griffiths was actually pregnant during the shooting of this season, but if they're not going to bother to try and hide it, then I'm not going to bother trying not to notice. "Did you notice anything in the bathroom?" she asks pointedly. After obsessing more about his new wrinkles, Nate finally gets it: "Are you pregnant?" Brenda excitedly confirms it. "That's great!" Nate says, walking over to hug her. "Congratulations!" Uh-oh. Brenda immediately shuts down. "Come on, what am I supposed to say?" Nate asks. What did you say last time, dude? Brenda basically starts hustling him and Maya out the door. "Thank you for your hearty congratulations," she snarks before storming off to get ready for work. "I'm happy, just tell me again," Nate says. Yeah, Brenda's all about take two, isn't she?

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