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Nate goes into the other room to investigate, with everyone else crowded in the doorway behind him. And here we discover that there's a bird in the kitchen. I'm no ornithologist, but it's a blue bird of some sort with a weird plume on the top of its head, and it's sitting calmly on the center island looking at everyone. Maybe it was attracted by all the origami cranes. Nate figures it flew in the window. "It's a good omen," says Jackie, but Tom says it's a bad omen according to the Sci-Fi Channel. I think if this were the Sci-Fi channel, the bird would be a genetically modified pterodactyl with a 120-foot wingspan and the ability to breathe fire. Which is really what this show needs, sometimes. ["In Tom's defense, I believe he's correct; a bird in the house means someone's going to die, I've always heard, so what a shock that it should occur on this show, not." -- Wing Chun] George says that the bird is probably sick, since they don't usually fly at night. He suggests opening the windows and letting the bird find its own way out. "But it'll poop all over everything in the meantime," Ruth says. "What kind of plan is that, to let a sick bird run wild in the house pooping?" Nate says that George is right, and he opens the other window and the back door, instructing everyone else to close the interior doors. Tom reminds Nate to grab the beer on the way out, and Nate agrees. Now everyone's out of the kitchen but the bird. And the beer is safe, of course.

Rico throws on his suit jacket on the way to Vanessa's front door, thanking her for letting him stay. They stand on the threshold smiling at each other, and then Vanessa starts kissing Rico. He doesn't exactly resist. He doesn't have to worry about having Frito-breath, you see.

Billy's in Nate and Brenda's bedroom digging around through all the coats until he finds his own and starts putting it on. Claire comes in and asks what he's doing, and he says he has to get out of there. Claire doesn't want to leave: "It's my brother's birthday. There's a bird in the kitchen." Billy angrily asks her if being with other people is ever too much for her to deal with. "Yeah, like right now," she says meanly. Especially people who are off their meds, eh, Claire?

Keith and David sneak into the kitchen, where the bird is perched on the counter near the open window. As Keith approaches, it flies out. Relieved, Keith shuts the window while David grabs the wine bottle off the counter and fills the empty glass he's carrying. "Good job," he says, savoring a little mouthfeel.

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